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Ingrid Marc, the founder of this blog, was, previously, a musical producer and a composer, discovering afterwards her passion for social media. Along with her best friends, she has founded this blog that is now read worldwide and she is proud of the leading position ESC on POINT has in Romania.



Georgiana is 20 year old and studies both English and German at Ovidius University in Constanța. She fell in love with Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and, she finds Russia’s performance from 2016 („Sergey Lazarev- You are the only one”) the best until now. In her opinion, what makes this contest special is the chance to see new artists performing every year and seeing the harsh competition between countries.



 Hello, Eurovision fans. My name is Șerban Alexandru Marian and I shall be 18 soon. Just as you, I am a true fan of this phenomenon. I can say that since 2009 I have been one of those crazy viewers that scream when their country is awarded points. My favourite song ever is „Silent Storm” by Carl Espen. I hope you will enjoy my activity on this blog and stay tuned: some great things are coming soon.
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Hello, everyone! My name is Alex Iovan and I’m a reporter for this blog. My passion for Eurovision started in 2012 when I first saw it on TV. My favourite song ever is „Quedate conmigo” by Pastora Soler, which is also a song from 2012. I love Eurovision not only for the great songs that take part every year in this show, but also because every single year gives me the opportunity to learn something new about European music and culture and it is really amazing!

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Cătălina is a 20 years old Philology student @ University of Bucharest.


She is following the Song Contest for as long as she can remember, being a huge fan of how this show is bringing people together.


Hi there! My name’s Vlad Perpelea and I’m 18 years old. When I first watched Eurovision Song Contest(I think that was 10 years ago), I immediately felt a connection with the thing without a well-grounded reason. As I grew older, I found out out the reason behind my passion for this great contest. It’s not only the love for good music, it’s about the great feeling you get when you see the whole continent united for a night!

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