Get to know OG3NE (The Netherlands 2017)

Who are the girls from OG3NE?

OG3NE is a Dutch vocal group featuring sisters Lisa (22) and twins Amy and Shelley (21). In 2014 they won the fifth season of The Voice of Holland – becoming the first group to win the competition. But 2016 was their real breakthrough year in The Netherlands. Week after week, viewers of the Dutch TV show Best Singers (Beste Zangers) were left amazed by the girls’ special vocal qualities. Young and old welcomed the formation of the Golden Voices and a first theatre tour was an unprecedented success with every venue sold-out.


What stands the name of the band for?

The name OG3NE stands for their mother’s blood group O and the genes that form a connection between the sisters. Along with father Rick and mother Isolde, they were for many years a happy, commited and musical family years characterized by the three sisters’ ambitious dreams.
Sadly, a few years ago Isolde became seriously ill. To this day, her illness has had a major impact on the family. They support each other through thick and thin, taking care of one another but there is always that feeling of sadness. That’s why they are particularly enjoying the beautiful moments of happiness which OG3NE’s success is now bringing them as a family.
Lisa, Amy and Shelley say:

„We will do everything we can to make The Netherlands proud by bringing the title home for our country. We also want to put a smile on our mother’s face and make her proud. It will be a fi_ng way to acknowledge all she has done for us and what she still means to us.”

What is the message that stands behind „Lights and Shadows”?

Father Rick, a composer and lyricist, and Shelley’s guitarist friend Rory de Kievit wrote the beautiful ballad „Lights and Shadows” especially for the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s a musical tribute to anyone suffering from some awful disease, which is affecting their entire family in terrible ways.

According to Rick,

„In ‘Lights and Shadows’, Rory and I tried to convey the uncertain and unstable life that patients and families have to put up with as well as the positivity and hope that they tackle their plight with. Above all, the song is one of hope.”

Now they are ready to tell their special story to the whole of Europe.

Q&A with OG3NE: 




Special thanks to the Dutch National Television, AVROTROS, for sending us this essential information.


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