Thank you, Ukraine, for politicising the contest!

Thank you, Ukraine!

Danke for doing everything you could to fully transform this contest into a political competition.

Grazie for dividing not only fans but countries also.

ευχαριστώ for respecting the past of this contest as you really seem to be building bridges.

Շնորհակալություն for having proven that you were able to irreprochably host this contest.

We have many reasons to thank you for, especially these days – and you know it far better than us.

You might have known the purpose of this contest before organising it and, provided that you don’t, we should remind you that this contest is mearly based on friendship, unity and diversity; no room for politics here. The Eurovision Song Contest started in 1956 as a response to many countries having been torn apart by WW2.

It came as a surprise to a lot of fans around the world seeing that Russia’s this year’s representative, Yulya Samoylova, has been banned from entering the country resulting in her not being present on the Eurovision stage. Moreover, the reason for this ban is at least hypocritical: she gave a concert in the region of Crimea after having been anexed by the Russian Federation. Although this might make sense in your country’s legal sysem, one country’s laws should not interfere with the purpose of the contest itself (keepeing in mind that, as long as you won and accepted to host the contest, you legally assumed that the Eurovision stage would become for a month a state-enclave).

Moreover, it should be clear for anyone that not the laws are responsible for Russia not thanking part this year but Ukraine’s big and expending ego. EBU offered a never-seen-before convenient solution for boths sides: the live broadcast of Russia’s moment would have been broadcast via satellite so as not interfere with in-state laws. From various reasons, Ukraine declined the proposal.

To return to the stated problem, maybe Ukraine considered that Yulya is nothing less than a terrorist whose presence in the ex-Soviet country would split the territory in half. Or maybe she’s just a spy for KGB! Or she might be carrying atomic weapons under her wheelchair. Who knows? The Ukrainian Government knows for sure.

All in all, it is nothing more difficult to see your favourite contest being morphed into a political competition. Unfortunately, it is not for the first time when these things happen and would not be the last for sure. It seems that in-state laws prevail the spirit of this contest and that „Celebrate Diversity” only remained a meningless aspiration.

Дякую, Україна!

Matei Pieca and Ingrid Marc contributed to this article


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