Tamar Kaprelian (Genealogy – Armenia 2015): „Eurovision has given me access to a very loyal and enthusatic international community”


If we do not know yet who is Miss Eurovision 2017, why not talking to Miss Eurovision 2015, Tamar Kaprelian?  We asked the „American part” of Genealogy  how the Eurovision experience was  for her, which country she did like the most in Vienna, and if there is a possibility for her to make a comeback in this contest. 


Hello, Tamar! Thank you so much that you accepted to talk to us. How is your career going now?

My pleasure! Well, I am getting ready to go back into the studio to write some new material. Hoping to release some new music over the summer. So that will be taking up a good amount of my time between now and then. 

Could you reveal some of your future plans?

Last year, I started a music education non-profit called Nvak, which means music in Armenian. This year, the program runs for three weeks in Yerevan, Armenia. And what we do is to bring well-known musicians, artists, and producers to various cities to teach. We focus on three aspects of music: songwriting, production, and performance. And this year, our program is open to international students! Anyone reading this who is interested in furthering a career in music should apply!

Application form link: http://bit.ly/2n4Ww28

We would like to know Tamar Kaprelian better. Could you describe yourself in some words and also describe a day of your life?

I’m the type of person who can’t really sit still. Love working, love being creative; I love making things happen around me. I love when life is fast-paced. I am passionate, hardworking. When I get involved in a project, I give it my all. When I connect with people, and make friends, I give them my all. 

Can you tell us in a few words what does music mean to you?

Music is a release; it is therapy; it is cathartic. It is a way to connect with people who you have little in common with. It is a universal language. It is a thread that ties all of us together. 

Name some artists you would collaborate with.

Billy Joel; Ed Sheeran; Max Martin; Lin Manuel Miranda 

Which things inspire and motivate you in every single day?

I honestly feel like drive comes from within. It isn’t something that can be taught. I’ve always had this kind of inner fire. I feel lucky that I have it, because that is what keeps me going every single day. 

It’s been 2 years since you’ve represented Armenia at Eurovision Song Contest, with Genealogy. How would you describe the experience from Vienna, your journey at Eurovision Song Contest? 

It was a whirlwind. And it was amazing experience because I not only got to connect with my motherland, with the Armenians there and in the diaspora, but I also had the opportunity to become a part of the Eurovision community and family, which is so loyal and enthusiastic. 

Which participant did you get on very well with and which country did you like the most?

I actually made a lot of friends, which was one of the best parts. Maria Elena from Greece, Elhaida from Albania, Ann Sophie from Germany- I still keep in touch with all of these girls. And I think that the collaboration that we did together was pretty awesome as well. 

Shortly after the contest, Tamar released a song in collaboration with Elhaida Dani (Albania 2015), Elina Born (Estonia 2015), Maria-Elena Kyriakou  (Greece 2015), and Stephanie Topalian (Genealogy – Armenia 2015), called „The Otherside”.

Do you still keep in touch with the other members of Genealogy?

Absolutely- love all of my fellow teammates. Vahe and I speak nearly every day on Facebook messenger. 

Has your career changed after the contest?

It really has! Eurovision has given me access to a very loyal and enthusatic international community. Hope to be able to further connect as years go by. 

Have you been disappointed that you got the 16th place in the Grand Final? Did you expect to get a higher place?

Our year had some incredible performers. And given the tough competition, I think that we did just fine. I wasn’t disappointed because at the end of the day, we got the message that we wanted to get across. It was the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, and we wanted to make statement. And I think that we did just that. 

Which is the perfect combination for winning such an important contest like this one?

It’s all about the song- you need a hit. And you also need a dynamic performer. 

Would you like to represent again Armenia at this contest?

Would absolutely love to. I think I could help bring together a team of people to write a song for the contest that would help the country win. 

Which Romanian entries at Eurovision did you like the most and why? 🙂

I think the Romanian 2010 entry might be my favorite. Loved the clear double piano thing. 

Who is your favourite Eurovision winner and why?

Loreen. Not only was her song the perfect Swedish pop hit, but she also gave an incredible performance. 

In the end, do you have a message for the ESC on POINT readers?

Hope you guys enjoyed the interview, and got to know me a bit better through it! Make sure to follow me on social media: TamarKaprelian (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). And I hope to visit your country very soon. 


Georgiana Eftodi contributed to this article.


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