Artsvik Harutyunyan better than Iveta Mukuchyan?

This year, Armenia has chosen Artsvik Harutyunyan as their representative with her song, „Fly with me” . After the release, which is the last to be announced, the wait is over! We have the complete list of this year’s Eurovison Song Contest and we can’t to see who is gonna win! But first, let’s find out more about Artsvik Harutyunyan, better known simply as Artsvik. Born in Armenia in 1984, she became famous when she competed in the 2013 series of Golos, the Russian version of the well-known show The Voice.

2         photo credit: AMPTV, Damian Photography

Even though she was eliminated in the battle rounds, this did not stop her from dreaming about a career in music and in 2016, she took part in  Depi Evratesil, the Armenian national selection for Eurovision Song Contest. She was part of Essaï Altounian’s team and she won the final show on 24 December 2016, being one of the first artists announced to represent their country.

Artsvik cover photo.jpgphoto credit: AMPTV, Damian Photography

It seems that this year, Armenia has chosen the same recipe: Lilith Navasardyan and Levon Navasardyan ( They are the same people who halped Iveta in 2016 ) – music writters

According to the Public TV Company of ArmeniaLilith said that:“When I first wrote for Aram MP3, it was quite challenging for me, as I was new to Eurovision. With Iveta, I was much more confident, but still had a lot to learn. This time, as soon as I heard Artsvik’s voice, I knew what to do. Her voice is… diverse, her vocal range is very wide and the color of her voice is unique and beautiful. I tried to capture and pass that sense to everyone who will listen to this song”

3.JPGphoto credit: AMPTV, Damian Photography

We are curious to see what kind of show could  Armenia bring this year, considering what happened with Iveta last year. Her show left us speechless. She used camera effects, an element used for the first time in 2014, by Paula Seling and Ovi, the Romania’s representatives.

Also, thanks to Public TV Company of Armenia and David Tserunyan ( Head of Press ), we have several comments from the most important people from Armenia’s team:

The music video was directed by Arthur Manukyan. “This music video is like my own reflection. I was greatly inspired by this song, and I hope that fans and viewers around the world will love it as much as I did” – Arthur.

Lyricist Avet Barseghyan says he wanted to create something special for this song. “As any song composed by Lilit, “Fly with me” is extraordinary and experimental, out of this world. Sometimes I actually believe that Lilit gets her inspiration from another universe. While writing the lyrics, we wanted to share the message that no matter our differences, we have a universal value that unites us all – love” –  Avet. 

“The first time we heard the song, Artsvik’s unique voice transported us into a fairy word, so we knew that the lyrics had to reflect that. We had written 4 different versions of lyrics and in the end the team and Artsvik chose “Fly with me”. The girl in this fairy tale is the metaphoric symbol of love, that embodies our colors, our stories and our voices that make us who we are. The lyrics are light and easy to understand, but they carry a universal message – love is one for all of us” – co-author David Tserunyan.

Behind this result are other people, such as: the music video was created by DOP Mkrtich Malkhasyan, stylist Aram Nikolyan, choreographer Hovhannes Sargsyan, makeup artist Yana Babajanyan, hair stylists Christina Abrahamyan and Harutyun Julhakyan.

Artsvik – Fly With Me (Armenia) Eurovision 2017 – Official Music Video

Iveta Mukuchyan – LoveWave (Armenia) 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

And special thanks to the Public TV Company of Armenia and David Tserunyan (Head of Press) for information.

Vlad Perpelea and Serban Alexandru contributed to this article



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