Omar Naber (Slovenia 2017): „On My Way is a very self expressing song, very intimate and dear to me.”

Today, we are moving on to Slovenia. We talked to Omar Naber, who represents his country for the second time – again in Kyiv – and he’s „on his way” to conquer Europe and to achieve a good result for Slovenia.


Hello, Omar! Thank you for accepting to talk to us today. Please tell us how do you feel after winning the National Selection. Did you expect at it?

It’s my pleasure, thank you. I feel great!! It was unexpected. I had 1/8 chance to win it but I never saw myself as the favorite. I felt grateful for all the votes as it indicated that the audience hadn’t forgotten about me after 12 years.

This is your second time when you are representing Slovenia at Eurovision. What made you to participate again?

I really enjoyed my first visit to Eurovision in 2005 and have always felt that if I had the right song then it would make sense to have another attempt.

Were you disappointed that you failed to reach the final back in 2005?

No, not really. I enjoyed the experience and I came close to the qualifying. I was pleased with my performance although I know it could have been better. But no, not disappointed. Voting is out of the hands of the performer – it was then, it is now!

Could you reveal the story behind „On My Way”?

It’s about myself. About loneliness, being lost and finding my way. It is a very self expressing song, very intimate and dear to me. I sang it in my mind for ten years, almost every day. It is simply about my journey.

Do you think you can bring the first Slovenian victory with your song? 

I have no idea. The results on Eurovision are always very unpredictable. But I feel confident in both my song and my ability to perform it well. Hopefully that will pass across to the juries and voters and they’ll like it.

What are your thoughts regarding the participation in Kyiv?

Very pleased to be returning to Eurovision and a coincidence that it should be in Kyiv again. I expect a lot of fun, celebration, that unites Europe through music once a year, a lot of fabulous performances and looking forward to meeting the other representatives.

We would like to know you better. Please describe your personality in 3 adjectives, tell us who you truly are and what do you usually do.

I am very honest, truthful, respectful, grateful. An eternal optimist, who will never give up on a world being a better place.

How did your career started? Was it hard for you to become that successful as you are now?

I had been interested in music for several years, really from age 16. But then in late 2004 when I was 23, I won a national TV talent contest and part of the prize was to go to EMA, the Slovenian show to choose our Eurovision entry. As you know, I won. SO, things happened very fast and very quickly for me in those few short months.

What inspires and motivate you to do music?

I take inspiration is many different things, places, people. Music is my life, my passion. I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else – ever! My inspiration from an early age came from my Mom who is an excellent pianist and music teacher. She still inspires me today.

When did your passion for Eurovision start?

I always had an interest in Eurovision of course when growing up as a teenager. But then when I actually took part in it I guess that is when the passion for it started!

Which Eurovision songs do you still have in mind and why are they so special to you?

Well, many songs – far too many to mention. I particularly liked ’Insieme:1992’ by Toto Cutugno, so much so that I even did a cover of it.

We are a Romanian blog dedicated to Eurovision. Could you tell us which is your favourite song that Romania had brought on the Eurovision stage?

I remember the Romanian song from 2005. It was very popular all week and the guys with the drums on their feet were cool. I also liked your first entry from Dan Bittman in 1994 which was a great debut.

Finally, do you have a message for ESC on POINT readers?

Let the Eurovision remind us that we should not be divided, but united at all times, stick together and all the conflicts will disappear. Thank you for your support. Enjoy Eurovision 2017 and if you will be in Kyiv, don’t be shy and come say hello!


Georgiana Eftodi contributed to this article.


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