It’s March and people from all over the world are already getting the ESC fever. A quick Google search will help you find not only the songs that have been chosen so far, but also the fans’ opinions about them. Online polls and odds are created by many sites so that people can choose their favourite entry. Since the role of the voters is very important for deciding the winner of the grand finale, we should question their relevance.

 Years like 2014 or 2016 were full of surprises and a lot of fans were surprised to find out the winning act wasn’t the one they expected. For example, Israel’s 2014 entry (Mei Finegold – Same heart), an upbeat bilingual pop song, was highly appreciated among eurovision fans. According to an unofficial poll from the site, where more than 3000 people voted, Mei should have won the second semi-final and should have been placed 5th in the grand finale.In fact, she didn’t even qualify. The situation is similar when it comes to the 2014 winning act. Conchita’s controversial act was appreciated since it was first released, but few were the people that thought she can make it. UK’s low ranking(17th) was another surprise for the Eurovision Fans.

Below,you can see a comparison between the top 9 entries according to the poll and the actual rankings in the grand finale.

2016 was also a great year for eurovision and it didn’t fail to impress us. Jamala won the contest and managed to deliver a very strong, yet emotional performance. However, a lot of fans were surprised when they found out the results. Fan favourites,Sergey Lazarev(Russia) and Dami Im(Australia), were considered the contenders for last year’s edition.

With that being said, Eurovision Song Contest is a show full of suspense and surprises, so, even though polls are somehow relevant, they rarely show the truth.These features make it unique and make us love it more and more as the years go by. The unexpected results prove once again the emotions felt by the Eurovison fans during the live shows are capable of influencing the result.

We get to see hours of good music and we pick with our hearts the three minutes capable of making history!


This article has been written by Vlad Perpelea.

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