Claudia Faniello: ”It was my ninth attempt”

Claudia Faniello speaks here about her passion for music and especially for Eurovision Song Contest. She confessed us that it was her nineth attempt in Malta`s National Final, that`s why now she is feeling proud of her. She is an example for everyone who want to take part in Eurovision: never give up, until your dream comes true! She truly is an example to follow!
Hello, Claudia! Congratulations for winning the Maltese National Final. How do you feel about representing Malta at Eurovision Song Contest?
I feel very honoured to have been chosen by the people to represent my country like I am sure every participant in this year’s contest is feeling.
Did you expect to be the winner of the National Selection?
I have learnt never to expect anything in life, but of course I was very happy when my name was announced. This was my ninth attempt at the contest, and I feel happy I won with „Breathlessly”…
What made you to participate at this contest? 
My love for Eurovision, and my desire to share my music with a bigger European audience.
Let’s talk about your song „Breathlessly”. What message stands behind it? 
It’s all about emotions and the way they sometimes take us up and done in this rollercoaster called Life.
Can you give us a reason about why should your song win the competition?
This song does not have any added frills and gimmicks. It is a song written from the heart and sung from the heart – and I think emotion is something that can take any song to the next level.
Have you thought about the details of your performance in Kyiv? Can you reveal them?
I have not had the time to think about any details yet, but my team are actively preparing. I am as curious as you are at this stage!
We would love to know Claudia better. Could you describe Claudia’s personality in 3 words and tell us what does she usually do? 
I am your girl next door. I have a love for music, for people and for life in general.
How did your career start?
I won a TV show here in Malta, and then took part for the first time in the locas Eurovision selections. It was a long ride, but worth every minute.
When was the first time when you watched Eurovision Song Contest and why did you fall in love with it? 
I watched it with my brother Fabrizio who represented Malta in the Eurovison song contest twice. I come from a very musical family so Eurovision was a big Yes, Yes. And as you know… Malta loves Eurovsion!
Which Eurovision winners do you like the most and why do you think they won? 
I liked Loreen and I liked Jamala. They both gave me goosebumps and had stunning perfomances. I look up to them as artists.
What does a participant need to win Eurovision Song Contest? 
They need a good song, a credible and authentic perfomance, and some luck on the side too!
We are a Romanian blog dedicated to Eurovision. Could you tell us which is your favourite song that Romania had brought on the Eurovision stage? 
I still remember Mihai, but I am also a big fan of Luminita. I really, really loved her entry the first time she took part in the contest.
Finally, do you have a message for ESC on POINT readers?
Dear ESC on POINT readers – thank you so much for taking the time to read my interview, and I look forward to sharing my song with you on the 11th of May. I truly hope you enjoy my song and think of me during the show. I would love to come to Romania, as I have some good friends who are from Romania. Breathless kisses from Malta.

 Georgiana Eftodi contributed to this article.


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