Countries that reign over Eurovision Song Contest

Since this century began, three countries have won the Eurovision for two times. This is an amazing performance, taking into consideration the fact that some countries haven’t succeeded to pass even in the Grand Final.

Denmark, Ukraine and Sweden have slayed their opponents more than once. Maybe, the most stricking fact is that Sweden won two years after they had had their last win.
What did all these acts have in common? They had the courage to build something new that surprised the world and perhaps, the most significant aspect, they created a story.
Denmark won two times. They had their first victory in 2000 with ‘Fly on the wings on love” by Olsen Brothers whereas in 2013 Emmelie De Forest brought “Only Teardrops” to her opponents when she brought the Eurovision trophy in her homeland.
Olsen Brothers came to the Swedish stage with a rock-ballad about love. They had the courage to come with something fresh in the era of pop star-wannabe. What I find amazing at their performance is that they interacted with the audience, aiming to create a big family, which is the purpose of this contest – to unite Europe respectively all the world.

Again in Sweden, but now in Malmo, 23 year old Emmelie De Forest impressed the public and the jury with her pop-folk masterpiece “Only teardrops”. Why do I see her as a winner? She surprised the public with her simple act, but although powerful. My favorite thing is when the flute sound appears. The song and the performance give a nostalgic air, but also a fresh one.

Sweden can clearly be seen as a master in Eurovision. It offered many international stars through Eurovision, the most notable being ABBA, Eric Saade and so on. Maybe that’s why many countries are looking for Swedish sound.
In 2012, Loreen made Sweden happy when she nailed with her “Euphoria”. Apart from having a modern sound, Loreen showed also her exceptional abilities. She was able to sing and dance at the same time.

Their most recent victory was in 2015, in Conchita Wurst’s homeland. Måns Zelmerlöw, after many years of trying to win the Melodifestivalen, not only did he have his dream come true, but also he was the “Hero” of 60th edition. Sweden came again with a modern sound but accompanied by an emotional message. “Heroes” was accompanied also by the visual effects that suited perfectly, leaving everybody with their mouths opened.
Ukraine is the most interesting part of Eurovision. They always show their culture through their participants.

In 2004, Ruslana shocked the audience with her “Wild Dancers”. She brought the energy that characterizes every Ukrainian. She truly respected the aim of Eurovision, to show the culture with the help of music.

Although, in 2016 Jamala brought to Stockholm’s stage a sad aspect about Ukrainian culture. In “1944”, Jamala presents the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, in the 1940s, by the Soviet Union. Her interpretation sympathized with the viewers and convinced to fight for what the world needs the most right now, pace.

All in all, I cannot say which one seems to me “the crème de la crème”. For me, all these masterpieces represent a small part of what is this concept of Eurovision. And the best experience is when you enjoy the whole!



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