Now we talk with Vlad Kurasov, a very talented singer who wants to represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Ukraine. He started his musical career in 2011 and now he has an album signed by him.

 Hello, Vlad! First I want to know about the way your career started. Tell me more about it!

Hello! Thank you very much for your questions. If we talk about my professional experience, it started almost 6 years ago, in 2011, with my participation in the show “The X-Factor”, in Ukraine. Then, after winning in the other TV show “Star Ring „, I signed the agreement with the Producer Center of Ukrainian TV channel STB, but after a year, we went on different ways, because we had different visions for my future development. Since then, I’ve been doing all by myself starting from the production of musical material, finishing with strategic moves. I put together a small team, with whom we work together and strive for great results.

How did the X Factor experience change your life?

The participation in The „X-Factor” was for me as a trampoline. It helped me to make the first, but very important, steps all the way to the big stage. I received an invaluable experience, because I worked with real professionists. It’s like to find yourself in another dimension – first, everything is different for you, caliber of this show intimidates and excites you at the same time. This Show toughened me, taught me to be strong, has made it clear that you can achieve something only by working hard and you should never give up.
What about the moment you found out that you were the winner of „Star Ring”?

First, somehow I did not get right away that I was announced as the winner. You know, it’s an incredible feeling when you realize that the audience choose you deserving to be a winner, the best. I am extremely grateful to my support group, that is constantly, from show to show, keep voting for me, all the time cheer me up and giving me strength to keep going. And now, in many ways, I know that my music is in demand, because people continue to travel to my concerts, often from very far, and I am still interesting for them – it’s worth a lot, it stimulates and inspires. I want to create for them, and give all my emotions in my songs.

Do you think that the National Selection from Ukraine helped you a lot to develop as an artist?

It was for me a new level, I was a step closer to my dream – to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Participation in the Ukrainian selection became for me as a „school” , where I learned a lot of lessons, that I had remembered and had taken into account. I can not say, that I made a lot of discoveries for myself, as I watch it from year to year, and with a great interest study the smallest changes in trends, that are happening in this competition. However, I will not hide, the National Selection has given me self-confidence, especially as the composer, because I saw that my song “I’m Insane” received a a lot of positive reviews.

When was the first time you realized that you want to start your musical career?

How I can remember, I always knew I wanted to sing. I never had dreams of becoming an astronaut or a pilot, like many children. According to the stories of my mother. I was a little boy sitting on the potty, turning the cap and sang, she understood from that, that she had no choice – she had to send me to the music school

Tell us about your first album! What does it mean to you?

This is a very important step for me. I felt ready for it, that I have enough accumulated thoughts, that I wanted to pour into the melody and lyrics. Songs in this album are very different, but at the same time album is very unified, I was able to put completely different emotions, experiences, feelings and joy that was merged mysteriously. I name my first album „Reflection” not accidentally. The music is Always a reflection of everything you had to go through, each song is a piece of you, your life. So I thought the album is the best way to describe my work. Despite the fact that the disc is quite personal, I think, that it will be close to many. I wrote it honestly, without covering with magic veils. I have put into this album all myself, who I am today.

This year you’ll be a contestant in Belarus Selection for Eurovision with the song called „Follow the play”. Tell us more about this!

It’s a strange story. Sometimes you meet a person who you loved earlier, and suddenly you realize that everything is over. It’s Empty. And then a crazy idea comes to your mind that we can be part of play about love. Just for the sake of pleasant memories of past feelings. Things, that once seemed a drama, change to a bright farce. I hope I can make it to the end, and represent Belarus, and my song at the Eurovision!

As a singer, what do you think a contestant needs to do in order to win The Eurovision Song Contest?

You never know what you need to do in order to win, that, you know, just happens. Of course, you have to be confident in yourself and in your song, you have to be honest with yourself. You must be able to excite the audience. To be honest, I actually think- this is the only way.

Tell us about a romanian singer that you like and why.

I know not too much of Romanian artists, but of course I can’t not mention Inna. I remember, back in 2009 her single “Hot” just blew off all European hit parades. She has a really cool dance music. Hmm, I would definitely like to come to her concert.

After your first album, what should we expect from you?

In point of fact, I haven’t finished all, that I had planned for this album. Right now I am too busy with my work, and I have to push back a promotion of my Album. I plan to release at least one more video for one of the tracks.

Let a message to your fans and our readers.

First of all, I would like to thank you from all my heart for your continued support and your faith in me. It means a lot. You will not be bored for sure, I’m ready to conquer new heights

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