Anahit and Mary: „We feel very happy and proud that we represented Armenia”

Maybe Junior Eurovision Song Contest has just finished some hours ago, but we are excited that we are exclusively talking to Anahit and Mary, two of this year’s participants, who got the second place in the contest. We invite you to find out who they are, what countries they did like the most and how was for them to represent Armenia.

Georgiana Eftodi: Hello Anahit, hello Mary! Congratulations for your performance! You were absolutely fantastic! Could you first introduce yourselves to us? We would like to know you better.
Anahit and Mary: Hello! We want to say thank you to all our fans. We are Anahit Adamyan and Mary Vardanyan, we are both 13 years old and we were born in Russia, respectively Armenia. 

GE: Are you disappointed or upset that you did not win the contest?
A&M: Not at all. Of course we wanted to win the contest, but we are also happy with such a big place: second.

GE: How did it feel for you to represent Armenia at this age?
A&M: We feel very happy and proud that we represented our country at such an important contest. 

GE: What is the story behind your song „Tarber”?
A&M: Our song is about difference. We are different but music and love unite us all.

GE: What countries did you like the most in the competition?
A&M: We liked very much Russia, The Netherlands and Malta.

GE: Can you describe the whole experience from Valletta?
A&M: It was very nice for us to take part at this event and meet a lot of talented and friendly kids from many countries.

GE: Do you have a message for our readers?
A&M: Thank you for listening to our song, it means a lot for us! We salute Romania!

Georgiana Eftodi contributed to this article


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