You may have heard about this one. Eurovision Song Contest is the longest-running annual international TV song competition, held, primarily, among the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) since 1956 and the competition is getting bigger every year.

          We started our blog in 2016, in February… or January… no one really remembers.

So, we started it because of the fact that we just had too much free time… and we wanted to share our love for Eurovision.

ESC on POINT is the biggest Eurovision blog in Romania and we are proud of that. Our friends work day and night to deliver top articles… well not really, but you can still check our articles.

These 9 people that work for our blog share a mutual passion: Eurovision. Therefore, we all agreed on some reasons why we love Eurovision. Please find them below.

          Top 5 reasons why we ABSOLUTELY love the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST:

  1. The show

Probably the best part about this contest is the fact that every year is totally different. And we are not joking! Each and every year, EBU and the hosting television try to make things borderline perfect: the venue, the stage and the presenters. Warning! The magic of  Eurovision might be a little too overwhelming.


  1. The songs

You either love them or hate them. Across the years, singers and composers have tried to find a secret pattern that may lead them to victory… but they failed miserably. And that is the idea! Every year, you get to listen to the best songs the market can give. Plus that there are over 20 national selections.


  1. The visuals

Strike a pose! One thing that can make an edition memorable or go down the trash is the visual effects – starting from the logo to the transition effects and, moreover, the number of frames used in a performance. Or just bring some beautiful girls – that will do it.


  1. The innovations

Sadly, your song is not enough. If you want to win the Eurovision Song Contest, your head of delegation should come with some breakthroughs in matters of staging: a hologram, people descending from the ceiling, fire on the stage OR some grandmothers – realistically, anything will work.


  1. The craziness


Now that is why we really love Eurovision. In 2016, Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede hosted the edition held in Stockholm. They are the perfect examples that illustrate why Eurovision truly rocks – they were crazy-funny and the public felt engaged in the edition. They even made a tutorial on how to win the Eurovision Song Contest! If this doesn’t convince you, I don’t really know what else will.

Well, at the end of this article, you might better understand our love for Eurovision. But why don’t you give it a try? You don’t have to believe us. Just watch the 2017 edition in May and you will know exactly why we fell in love with the Contest.

And don’t forget…


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PPS: We love you,

INGRID Marc – Founder, journalist // Costache Negruzzi National College

MATEI Pieca – Founder, editorialist // Alexandru Odobescu National Colege

LAUR Amanolesei – co-Founder, writer // Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

ANDREI Faur – co-Founder, PhD in Eurovision //Babeș Bolyai University

ALEX Iovan – Writer // Independența College

CALIN Giurgiu – Writer // Babeș Bolyai University

GEORGIANA Eftodi – PR and Social Media Advisor // Ovidius University


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