Polina Gagarina, one of the best Russians in Eurovision Song Contest. Before talking about her evolution after Eurovision, we should know more about her life and what made her to represent Russia last year, in 2015.
She was born on 27 of March, 1987 and started her career in 2003. She lanced her first single, Kilîbelnaia , in 2005, and nowadays she`s having recorded 2 albums. Also, she is not just a singer, but an actress, music composer and Russian model.

And now: how did the Eurovision Song Contest change her life?


Firstly, it is not a little thing to reach the second place in the Grand Final of this contest. Usually, the top third in Eurovision becomes famous in the whole Europe, being known by many ESC fans and not only. But, what happened with Polina? Due to her ability of being kind, she gained more than simple fans and so decided to have a tour around Europe the following year, 2016, which not took place in Russia, United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Ukraine and Germany.

To add more, after she came second in Eurovision, she won the prise for `Song of the year in Russia`  and this year she also won the prise for the best performance of the year.

Polina Gagarina is also a member of the jury in the competition `The Voice of Russia` 



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