Anna Vissi:”The Greek Madonna”

Anna Vissi was born in 20 December 1957,Larnaca,Cyprus and she’s a greek artist and actress.She moved to Greece in 1973. Anna was also called ‘the greek Madonna”.


Anna Vissi is the first greek,cypriot artist,who reached Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart,with her successful single „Call me”.Forbes also listed her as the 15th most powerful and influential celebrity in Greece and fourth highest ranked singer.

Her first experience with Eurovision was in 1980 for Greece,with the song “Autostop”.

Two years later she returned,but for Cyprus with a beautiful ballad,called “Mono I Agapi”.



Anna’s sister was also familiar with Eurovision,her first solo experience was in 1985 with the song “To Katalava arga”,but she was not so susccesful like her sister.

Last appearance of Anna Vissi in Eurovision was in 2006 with a powerfull ballad called “Everything”.

Her best result was 1982 where she finished in top 5.

One of the most memorable moments of 2014 is when she sang „Everything” with Conchita Wurst,in Mykonos.


She released 27 albums and the most recent one is called „Sinentefxi”[Interview],the album charted to number 1 of both Cyprus’ and Greece’s i-tunes charts based only on the pre-orders, and has also entered the top 100 in Malta and Spain.Before the album she released a single “As Min Poume…Tipota”,from a rock-opera soundtrack,which had a great review and lots of positive reactions.



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