Life after Eurovision – Nina Sublatti

When it comes to Georgia in ESC, there are definitely plenty of things to think about. It’s like a box of chocolate, you never EVER know what you’re gonna get. Even if it feels like they are here for a long  long time, this year it was just their 7th appearance in Eurovision’s Grand Final. You may remember the 2016’s surprising qualifier, Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz, or Marcel Bezençon Press Award winner „Waterfall” by Sopho Gelovani & Nodiko Tatishvili, but you just can not forget Nina Sublatti, the dark desire itself.


The 21 years old Georgian Idol  winner back in 2013, took the Eurovision stage in 2015 with the song „Warrior”, almost cracking the top 10, ending up on the respectable 11th position. But what has been Nina doing since then? Has she rose to fame in Caucasus?

Well, Georgian eurofans are surely thrilled to see her every week channeling her inner mentor in  the latest season of X Factor Georgia, alongside another Eurovision star, Sofia Nizharadze.

Nina’s also working on her modelling career and she has never been busier.  You can see below pictures from her latest pictorial for OK Magazine.

And if you think that being a full-time mentor and shining all day long on the covers of the most glamourous magazines take all Nina’s energy, you are completely wrong. She has a new album encircled by a “dark ambient with rich texture of vinyl crackles, echoes, bowed strings mixed with trumpet”. WE  JUST LOVE IT!


And no, your eyes didn’t betray you. She was the spokesperson in this year’s Eurovision Grand Final and her appearance didn’t pass unnoticed.



 Stay tunned for more stories about your favourite Eurovision artists!


Catalina Gheorghe contributed to this article


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