Eurovision: a path to success?

Many artists go to Eurovision from two reasons: to represent their countries, which is an honour to every musician and to promote themselves all around Europe, to improve their careers. But on Eurovision, there are two possibilities: you go hard or go back home. As I noticed, only artists who got high places in the Grand Final improved their careers. But there is an exception too: there are artists who participated, got a high position but their careers collapsed.

My article is about three artists who conquered Europe by representing Italy last year. This is a band who was successful even before this contest (only in America), but it became more popular in the European area after the band spread “Grande Amore” all over the continent and won the televoting with 366 points.

Eurovision Song Contest helped this band to reach the climax of its career, because Eurovision is like a “launch pad” and gives to the artists all the notoriety they need all around Europe. The reasons which lead the band to success were that many fans thought they should have won this contest, or because a band like Il Volo and a masterpiece like “Grande Amore” will never be forgotten in this contest. On Wiener Stadthalle, the members put their souls in that song and touched millions of European hearts.

Grand Final - Eurovision Song Contest 2015

After the contest, “Grande Amore” dominated the iTunes charts in 29 countries, being top 10 in the charts of 12 countries. Even in our country the song did well, reaching #20. Also the “Sanremo Grande Amore” did very well in the iTunes charts too.


During all summer, Il Volo had a lot of sold-out concerts in almost all Italian cities, in order to promote the “Sanremo Grande Amore” EP. On 25th of September 2015, the band released another EP, called “L’amore si muove” (or “Grande Amore” – international version), which was a real success in Europe and America, reaching high positions in European countries like Italy, Belgium, Austria, Spain, and Switzerland, or number 1 in Billboard Top Classical Albums.

Billboard 1



Last winter, they had a big promo tour in North and South America, in cities such as Boston, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo and many others. This summer will continue their tour in Europe, in Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany and Austria.

In my opinion, Il Volo is the most successful band ever who competed in this contest. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio should thank to all Italians, who voted them at Sanremo, then to Eurovision for making them shine the brightest. This is a veritable proof that without Eurovision, we, Europeans, would have never discovered any of these talents.  

Georgiana Eftodi contributed to this article


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