Paula Seling and her evolution after experiencing Eurovision

Who’s Paula Seling?

Paula Seling, born 25 December 1978 in Baia Mare, is a Romanian singer, radio DJ, and a coach from television music competition franchise X Factor, Season 1.

She has released more than thirteen albums (including three Christmas albums) and over twenty singles, including two top-ten hits in the Romanian Top 100, a minor European hit which entered the charts in Finland and Norway, as well as the UK Singles Chart, and a good position on the worldwide chart of popularity by the name of Starcount, that analysed fans concern about artists from all over the world.


2010: After Eurovision

In early 2011 Seling released a new song entitled „I Feel Free”. The song features a more groovy sound more common in Romania in latter years. The music video was shot in Paris, France. The song has only been sent to certain radio stations and it only gained plays from UTVchannel.

In April 2011 Romanian TV station Antena 1 (part of the Intact Media Group) announced that the British—concept reality/musical contest show X Factor will come to Romania as well. In early June it was announced that Seling was to be one of three judges of the contest.


Seling recorded duets with Alexander Ryback, Ovi and Al Bano in late 2011 to be put together alongside „I Feel Free” and other at least eight songs on a new material due in 2012.

In February 2012 it was announced that Seling will be returning to Selectia Nationala 2012, in order to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Even though, she said the song she prepared for the contest wasn’t ready and promised a comeback for Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

You can watch their final performance down below:


2014: After Eurovision

On 1 March 2014, Paula Seling and Ovi won the Romanian national selection Selecția Națională 2014 and were selected as the Romanian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen with the song „Miracle”.

Seling and Ovi performed „Miracle” live in the second Eurovision Song Contest 2014 semi-final, in Copenhagen, on 8 May 2014. They qualified from the semi-final and competed in final on 10 May 2010, where they finished on  #12.


On 24 May 2014, Paula Seling was awarded most beautiful entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in the internet poll by Eurovision blog Wiwibloggs. Paula obtained about 30,000 votes in the poll, becoming ”Eurovision Next Top Model 2014”. She won the award in 2010 as well

You can watch their final performance down below:

„Povesti de iarna” is the most recent album of Paula and it was released on november 25th 2015.

All in all, I’d like to say that Paula Seling is not the type of artist who would sell her music. Music has always been the most beautiful thing to her. I strongly believe that she is one of the greatest voices Romania has. She can hold a whole concert on her own without fancy shows, it’s enough to give her a microphone and your heart will melt away. Paula Seling has always been and will always be a self-sufficient artist.


Serban Alexandru contributed to this article



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