Over the past years I noticed a slight improvement of the technology during live performances. New special effects came along. And I am sure that in the following years we will witness other effects, yet undiscovered.

In the previous years, an artist could take an honorable place being helped only by his voice, and not by a spectacular show, but now, things are slightly different.

If we analyze the performances from the last 5 years, we observe that every year the countries do their best and come with original shows due to the evolution of technology.

So, in order to obtain a better place in the Final, the countries prepared us along these years shows which contain the following effects:


In the previous years, the pyrotechnics were dominating the contest, creating extreme pleasures for the viewers, but in the next years I noticed that the artists gave up on them. The artists do not choose them anymore and they diminish from year to another. For example, this year we had just a few pyrotechnics moments, from countries such as Cyprus or Armenia.


This effect firstly appeared at Eurovision in 2013, and was used during the Second Semi-Final and the Grand Final. I have a feeling that this effect will appear more often, being such an extraordinary one. This year, this effect took part of Russia’s show, making it the most complex and spectacular of the 2016 edition.


I think the camera effects firstly appeared at Eurovision during Paula and Ovi’s show, in 2014. Two years later, we could admire the same thing at countries like Armenia and Belarus, an effect which looks incredible nowadays as well.

Armenia 2016

Armenia 2016 „Iveta Mukuchyan – LoveWave” – Courtesy: Eurovision Song Contest

Belarus 2016

Belarus 2016 „IVAN – Help You Fly”- Courtesy: Eurovision Song Contest

In my opinion, all these effects are improving Eurovision from one year to another. The spectator/ viewer became increasingly demanding, year after year, that is why the technological standards must rise to the expectations. The technology has become a key-element in the show of each performer that is why we see on stage artists increasingly talented who create magic and due to whom large halls of 20,000 seats are filled to capacity.

Georgiana Eftodi contributed to this article


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