Heute beurteilen wir Deutschlands Lied, gesungen von der wundervollen Jamie Lee an. On Point Jurys journey, comes to an end across the Europe and today we stopped a bit in Germany. This year, german people chose for Stockholm the song called ”Ghost” sung by Jamie-Lee, a K-Pop princess. 


Călin Giurgiu8/12. I really like this song and another thing that i like is because she’s a k-pop fan. Goo Germany!!!

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Cătălina Gheorghe: For me, this song feels so empty, flat and I’m not a big fan of Jamie Lee’s voice or style. Still not bad, but c’mon… 6/12

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Alex Iovan: 8/12. The song is catchy and I’m sure that Jamie Lee will make a great atmosphere in Stockholm. Viel Glück, Deutschland!

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Laur Mihai6/12. This song is the musical definition of emptiness…it has a voice that’s not sending emotion, her voice is all about rightness, you just cannot say that she is singing badly. I think, Jamie tries to be 100% vocally speaking, but she forgets about the sentimental part…maybe her vocal style will develop further in a more sensitive way, I hope so…it would be a shame if she is going to perform without putting some emotions…an artist is a person who sends diverse feeling, she has to learn this.

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Marco Muntean: This was definitely the best choice for Germany this year,I really like her voice,but the song hmmm,at first i didn’t like it so much,only after maaaany replays and that’s why I think Jaime will not do a great job in ESC,the song dosen’t stand out so much,only Jaime with her voice and weird dress [which I like it].Top 15 for Germany and this would be amazing.8/12

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Matei Pieca5/12 I just don’t get the hype around it. This is such an empty song which happens to be super super overrated. Call me crazy if you want but I see it finishing on the right side of the scoreboard, somewhere between 16-26. Btw that K-pop look is outdated.

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Andrei Faur: This is not a bad song, but it is notgood either. It is flat, with no emotion, it is sung just to be. And I cannot tell you how much I dislike K-Pop Princesses and emo style. If you are friend with Jamie, you must tell her that emo style it is yesterday news like Silvia Night said. I still remember how cool was Ann Sophie last year in Vienna. Craziness, very good vocals, all you can wish from a perfomer! And she came null points! Sorry, but Jamie is not my taste, her style, not the song! 8/12 from me!

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Ingrid Marc: 10/12

RESULT: 60/96

1. France: Amir – ”J`ai cherché” – 90/96 (He received more 12p.)
2. Australia: Dami Im – ”Sound of Silence” – 90/96
2. Latvia: Justs – ”Heartbeat” – 90/96
4. Hungary: Freddie – ”Pioneer” – 82/96 (He received more 12p.)
5.Spain: Barei – ”Say Yay” – 82/96


6. Malta: Ira Losco – ”Walk on Water” – 78/96
7. Italy: Francesca Michielin – ”No Degree of Separation” – 75/96
8. Russia: Sergey Lazarev – „You Are the Only One” – 74/96 (He received 12p.)
9. Bulgaria: Poli Genova – ”If Love Was A Crime” – 74/96
10.Ukarine: Jamala – „1944” 71/96
11. Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan – ”LoveWave” – 71/96
12. Croatia: Nina Kraljic – ”Lighthouse” – 71/96
13. Norway: Agnete – „Icebreaker” – 70/96
14. Iceland: Greta Salóme – „Hear them calling” 68/96
15.Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková – „I Stand” – 68/96
16.Cyprus: Minus One – ”Alter Ego” – 67/96
17.Estonia: Jüri Pootsmann – „Play”-65/96
18.Lithuania: Donny Montell – „I`ve Been Waiting For This Night”64/96
19.The Netherlands: Douwe Bob – „Slow Down” – 63/96
20.Azerbaijan: Samra – ”Miracle” – 62/96
21.Denmark: Lighthouse X – „Soldiers of love” – 61/96
22. Serbia: ZAA Sanja Vucic – „Goodbye” – 60/96
22.Germany: Jamie Lee- ”Ghost”- 60/96
23. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala – „Ljubav Je” – 59/96
24. Slovenia: ManuElla – „Blue and Red” – 58/96
25. Poland: Michal Szpak – „Color of your life” – 55/96 (he received a 12/12)
26. Moldova: Lidia Isac – „Falling Stars” – 55/96
27. Austria: ZOË – „Loin d’ici” – 54/96
28. Israel: Hovi Star – „Made of Stars” – 52/96
29.Ireland: Nicky Byrne – ”Sunlight” – 52/96
30. Switzerland: Rikka – ”The Last Of Our Kind” – 52/96
31.Belgium: Laura Tesoro – „What’s The Pressure” – 43/96
32. UK: Joe & Jake – „You’re Not Alone” – 44/96
33. F.Y.R.O.M: Kaliopi – „Dona” – 43/96
34. Albania: Eneda Tarifa – „Fairytale” – 43/96
35. Finland: Sandhja – „Sing it away” – 42/96
36. Montenegro: Highway – „Real Thing” – 34/96
37. Greece: Argo – „Utopian Land” – 31/96
38. Belarus: IVAN – ”Help you Fly” – 27/96
39.Georgia: Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz: – „Midnight Gold”-23/96
40. San Marino : Serhat – „I Didn’t Know” – 17/96


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