Today we talk with Jonas Thander, the co-writer for Lithuania’s entry this year „I`ve Been Waiting For This Night”. 

Hello, Jonas. First of all congratulations for succeeding in representing Lithuania in Eurovision with the song that you have composed for Donny.

Thank you very much!

 Tell us how you started collaborating with Donny? Was your song specially composed for Eurovision?

It all started with Donny contacting Beatrice (my cowriter) and then she contacted me. And then we wrote the song with Donny and Eurovision in mind.

Do you consider that Donny’s song can go for gold?

Absolutely! But there’s so many songs and so much more than just the song to consider. The overall best performance wins.

Is Eurovision a passion for you?

Well, it’s been a childhood dream of mine to participate and every year I try to watch both „Melodifestivalen” and Eurovision on TV.

For those who don’t know, tell us about your experience as a composer at Eurovision.

I’ve had a couple of songs in the selections before. For example Andrei Leonte with the song „Paralyzed”.

We know that you had a few songs submitted for Selectia Nationala. Why do you think they weren’t chosen to represent Romania?

Yes, that’s a bit confusing to me. I submitted 3 great songs with 3 great, young, up and coming artists. I suppose they weren’t famous enough in Romania for the jury to pick them. The songs were great and the artists were great. Too bad they didn’t get a chance.

How do you think a song that wins Eurovision should sound like?

The performance, artist, and song should feel like glued together, like one big smash in the face. It should feel genuine.  I don’t think there’s a „winning sound” or something like that.

Would you like to continue producing songs for Eurovision artists?


What is your favourite song in the history of Eurovision?

As a kid, I used to sing and dance looking in the mirror to Johnny Logan’s „Hold me now” so I’ll pick that one.

After your collaborations with Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, what collaborations should we expect at?

Let’s see.

Here is Donny`s song where Jonas is the co-writer!


Calin Giurgiu, redactor ESC on POINT.


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