This evening we judge  Highway with „Real Thing”. First of all, let me explain the scoring system: we give points from 1 to 12, without 9 and 11 and we add them until we get a certain number (for example 71/96). Why 96? Because we are eight people in the team (so 12 multiplied by 8 equals 96).

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Muntean Marco: I absolutely LOVE this one!Because it’s not a typical pop song or whatever and its different dosen’t mean it’s bad.In my opinion this one is amazing!I hope they will bring the girl from the video on the stage,she was pretty cool.  12/12

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Alex Iovan: Some songs are bad and some songs are good, but this one doesn’t fit to any category… it’s just awful, I don’t know. I really can’t give it a better mark. No final this year for Montenegro. 2/12

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Matei Pieca: Y’all listen to me. You may call me a bad person, but… WTF MONTENEGRO?! After two years of beautiful Balkan ballads, you come up with this disaster? IT-IS-A-TOTAL-MESS. There are 125% chances of staying in the semi-final. Bad choice! 1/12

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Laur Mihai: The only enjoyable thing about this song is the instrumental which is very modern, it’s what you want to hear at the radio. Now, let’s slaughter the other components of „Real Thing”. When I listen carefully to the lyrics I was terrified! I bet that a horny teenager wrote them this crap. Everything goes sexual and is too much…they should be ashamed by the lyrics. I’m 100% sure that Montenegro will stay in the first semifinal.5/12

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Andrei Faur: This is awful! Extremely bad song, just screams, I cannot undestand the lyrics, the beat is annoying and makes me nervous! Its something that I would never listen to. This will not be in the final! If they will keep those lights, what would they do with people who are sensitive to light, epileptics? 1/12 from me!


Călin Giurgiu: Not my cup of tea! 3/12

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Cătălina Gheorghe: 6/12

cutmypic (3)

Ingrid Marc: 4/12

RESULT: 34/96



  1. Hungary: Freddie – ”Pioneer” – 82/96

  2. Malta: Ira Losco – ”Walk on Water” – 78/96

  3. Russia: Sergey Lazarev – „You Are the Only One” – 74/96

  4. Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan – ”LoveWave” – 71/96 (She received 12 p.)

  5. Croatia: Nina Kraljic – ”Lighthouse” – 71/964

Iceland: Greta Salóme – „Hear them calling” 68/96

Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková – „I Stand” – 68/96

Cyprus: Minus One – ”Alter Ego” – 67/96

Estonia :Jüri Pootsmann – „Play”-65/96

The Netherlands: Douwe Bob – „Slow Down” – 63/96

Azerbaijan: Samra – ”Miracle” – 62/96

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala – „Ljubav Je” – 59/96

Moldova: Lidia Isac – „Falling Stars” – 55/96

Austria: ZOË – „Loin d’ici” – 54/96

Finland: Sandhja – „Sing it away” – 42/96

Montenegro: Highway – „Real Thing” – 34/96

Greece: Argo – „Utopian Land” – 31/96

San Marino : Serhat – „I Didn’t Know” – 17/96


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