It’s time to move on to Malta and this evening we judge  Ira Losco with „Walk on Water”. First of all, let me explain the scoring system: we give points from 1 to 12, without 9 and 11 and we add them until we get a certain number (for example 71/96). Why 96? Because we are eight people in the team (so 12 multiplied by 8 equals 96).

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Muntean Marco I absolutely love her and the song,even if „Chameleon” was really good,WOW is amazing! Her vocals are flawless and I’m sure she will have a great staging,’cause she has also a professional team behind! Malta is in my top 5,but I don’t think she will do very well in ESC. 12/12

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Matei Pieca 12/12 It is purely amazing. What a great choice Malta has made. I listen to it 25 hours a day (don’t say I am retarded). I will not be even sad if Ira wins. I TOTALLY LOVE HER SONG!
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Alex Iovan 8/12. It has a modern sound, catchy, but I don’t understand why more people see this song as a winner… Maybe my tastes are totally different, who knows? Malta will make the final this year and maybe a top 10.

Călin Giurgiu 8/12. Ira`s great vocals make the song sound so great. It s a catchy, modern song, 2016 one. For sure will be in final because she deserves it a lot! Not a winner for me but she can be in top 10!

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Cătălina Gheorghe I have to admit that I had no expectations regarding ‘Walk on water’ and I’m glad I hadn’t because this way I was more impressed when it came out. A lovely comeback for the 2002 runner-up, even if I don’t think she’ll beat her record (that means winning, obviously) cause the times have changed, but she won’t disappoint those who will remember her . I just love „Walk on water”, it gives me chills & makes me wanna sing along. 12/12 for Ira

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Andrei Faur„Walk On Water” it is not a bad song, but ain’t a winning one. I must admit that Ira has a powerful voice. I think we will see her in the Grand Final this year. But I still miss Chiara Siracusa… 6/12 from me
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Laur Mihai: Just WOW!!! How good is this?! I’m in love with the beginning of the song, so effective! Ira’s is showing us that we didn’t wait for ”Walk on Water” in vain. Also, Malta has one of the most expensive productions from this year. I can see this doing very well in May, probably a top 10 spot, but personally, I want to see her in the first 5 countries like in 2002 when she managed to get the 2nd place. ”Walk on Water” is radio-friendly, catchy and unique…I would say that it has the whole package to win in Stockholm, but things had changed and nowadays the staging counts seriously. 12/12
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Ingrid Marc: 8 points/12

RESULT: 78/96



  1. Hungary: Freddie – ”Pioneer” – 82/96

  2. Malta: Ira Losco – ”Walk on Water” – 78/96

  3. Russia: Sergey Lazarev – „You Are the Only One” – 74/96

  4. Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan – ”LoveWave” – 71/96 (She received 12 p.)

  5. Croatia: Nina Kraljic – ”Lighthouse” – 71/964


Iceland: Greta Salóme – „Hear them calling” 68/96

Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková – „I Stand” – 68/96

Cyprus: Minus One – ”Alter Ego” – 67/96

Estonia :Jüri Pootsmann – „Play”-65/96

The Netherlands: Douwe Bob – „Slow Down” – 63/96

Azerbaijan: Samra – ”Miracle” – 62/96

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala – „Ljubav Je” – 59/96

Moldova: Lidia Isac – „Falling Stars” – 55/96

Austria: ZOË – „Loin d’ici” – 54/96

Finland: Sandhja – „Sing it away” – 42/96

Greece: Argo – „Utopian Land” – 31/96

San Marino : Serhat – „I Didn’t Know” – 17/96


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