Ok everyone, you might think we’re back in 2012 seeing Greta Salóme, Donny Montell and Kaliopi all on the same stage, but no, we’re in 2016 with these three returning to this wonderful contest with brand new songs & brand new hopes. Today we take a look at the Icelandic representative, Greta Salóme, and review her song, “Hear them calling”.

I guess you got used to our scoring system: we give points fom 1 to 12, without 9 and 11 and we add them until we get a certain number (for example 71/96). Why 96? Because we are eight people in the team (so 12 x 8 = 96)

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Laur Mihai 8/12. Welcome back Greta. She has a very nice song, with a memorable chorus, probably this is the best part of her song…I think it’s quite dramatic and I like that. The show from the national final was flawless, those shadows fascinated me, it’s like a story which you can’t forget easily. One thing that disappoints me is how forgetable is the bridge, but this is the only bad thing. Greta’s voice in on point, there is no way she could let us down. I can see „Hear them calling” in top 15 with a bit of luck.

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Alex Iovan „Hear them calling” is that kind of song that you can listen to all the time. Although some people say that Greta stole a little bit from Loreen’s show, I think that she is unique due to her abilities. I have to give this song an 8/12 but it can be a 10 when I see the show from the semi-final. I know that Iceland will come with something incredible!

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Cătălina Gheorghe Greta, ONE WOMAN SHOW. I simply admire her. She composed both music and lyrics for Hear them calling + show concept. She’s so talented and her performance transpire all the hard work she put into this project. I’m rooting for her to do well ‘cause I can really feel her soul when she’s up there performing.  The vocals are so fine, the show is memorable, the chorus sticks in your head, I can not see any good reason for not liking this. 12/12

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Andrei Faur It’s a good song, but regarding me, I think her song was better in 2012. The violin, Jonsi’s voice made a masterpiece from „Never Forget”. And her outfit this year reminds me of Loreen’s „My Heart Is Refusing Me”. 8/12 from me!


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Matei Pieca 8/12 Oh, yes. Something up-tempo. It is a nice song sung by a good voice. I hope Iceland will be in the final this year. They kinda deserve it. I love those trumpwr parts, btw.


Călin Giurgiu 10/12

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Muntean Marco 7/12

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Ingrid Marc 7/12


RESULT: 68/96

1.       Hungary: Freddie – ”Pioneer” – 82/96

2.       Russia: Sergey Lazarev – „You Are the Only One” – 74/96

3.       Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan – ”LoveWave” – 71/96 (She received 12 p.)

4.       Croatia: Nina Kraljic – ”Lighthouse” – 71/96

5.       Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková – „I Stand” – 68/96

5.     Iceland: Greta Salóme – „Hear them calling” 68/96


Cyprus: Minus One – ”Alter Ego” – 67/96

The Netherlands: Douwe Bob – „Slow Down” – 63/96

Azerbaijan: Samra – ”Miracle” – 62/96

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala – „Ljubav Je” – 59/96

Moldova: Lidia Isac – „Falling Stars” – 55/96

Austria: ZOË – „Loin d’ici” – 54/96

Finland: Sandhja – „Sing it away” – 42/96

Greece: Argo – „Utopian Land” – 31/96

San Marino : Serhat – „I Didn’t Know” – 17/96


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