Today we are moving from Cyprus  to Czech Republic. If last year they failed to qualify ”Hope Never Dies” and this year, Gabriela says out loud ”I Stand” in Stockholm. To be this their’s lucky year?

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Cătălina Gheorghe: I felt so sorry last year for the Czech Republic, but Amber says the past is the past, so I’m trying to move on and focus on this year’s gorgeous Gabriela. There’s no way this will stay in the semifinals. It would be one huuuge injustice. Gabriela is a lovely singer, ‘I stand’ is dramatic and powerful and I can see a faboulous interpretation which will bring this lil’ country in Eurovision its first qualification ever. Yaay. I’d give it a 9/12, but I can’t, so for now it’s 8/12 . Can’t wait hearing this live. Hold on, people, Eurovision parties are coming grin emoticon

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Alex Iovan: 12/12. There is no day for me without listening this amazing song. When I listen it, it feels like a million feelings are rounding inside me. It gives me a powerful emotion that will be fulfilled with the live performance. The Czech Republic done a great job sending this song, sung by the beautiful Gabriela whose voice I like so much.

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Andrei Faur: This is a powerful ballad from Cezch Republic.Studio version sounds very good, but I wait for the live version. I do not want a ”surprise” like I had back in 2009 with Hadișe. Till then I gave her a 6/12.

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Marco Muntean: 12/12

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Matei Pieca: 10/12

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Laur Mihai: 6/12


Călin Giurgiu: 8/12

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Ingrid Marc: 6/12

Result:68 /96



  1. Hungary: Freddie – ”Pioneer” – 82/96

  2. Russia: Sergey Lazarev – „You Are the Only One” – 74/96

  3. Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan – ”LoveWave” – 71/96 (She received 12 p.)

  4. Croatia: Nina Kraljic – ”Lighthouse” – 71/96

  5. :Gabriela Gunčíková – „I Stand” – 68/96


Minus One- ”Alter Ego” Cyprus – 67/96

The Netherlands: Douwe Bob – „Slow Down” – 63/96

Azerbaijan: Samra – ”Miracle” – 62/96

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala – „Ljubav Je” – 59/96

Moldova: Lidia Isac – „Falling Stars” – 55/96

Austria: ZOË – „Loin d’ici” – 54/96

Finland: Sandhja – „Sing it away” – 42/96

Greece: Argo – „Utopian Land” – 31/96

San Marino : Serhat – „I Didn’t Know” – 17/96



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