After the emphatic victory at Melodi Grand Prix, Agnete accepted our invitation to talk about her music roots and also about the song who conquered many hearts among ESC fans. What is her favourite song from this year contest and a lot of new things about Agnete, below:

Laur Mihai: First of all, could you tell us how your career started?
AG: I´ve been singing my whole life, the first time I performed on stage I was 5. I started ”The BlackSheeps” with some friends in 2006, in 2008, at the age of 14, we won MGP Jr (kinda like Eurovision Jr) with the first song we wrote «Oro Jaska Beana». Later, we won the Nordic final of MGP Jr, and the same year we received a Spellemannspris (Norwegian grammy) for «hit of the year 2008», also with the same song.
In 2011, ”The BlackSheeps” got the second place in MGP. Won «Dancing With Stars» in 2014, after that I worked in a Hålogoland Theater with Wizard of Oz, I had the leading role as Dorothy Gale.

LM: Can you describe your personality in three words?
AG: Stubborn, emotional, dedicated.

LM: How do you spend your spare time?
AG: I try to relax in my spare time, hang with my family and friends, and occasionally I enjoy the nature that surrounds my home.

LM: What inspires you to make music?
AG: I love music! Music is therapy for me, whenever I am in the studio, on the stage or just singing, my day can go from zero to 100. So my everyday life inspires me to make music.

LM: If you have the chance to make a duet with any artist you want, who would it be?
AG: Any artist I want…hmm. It would be Elvis then! 🙂

LM: It’s obvious that you follow Eurovision. Which song do you still have in mind?
AG: One of the best memories I have is when Turkey won with the song «Every Way That I Can»

LM: We are a Romanian Eurovision blog, may you tell us your favourite entry that Romania had?
AG: Both entries by Ovi and Paula Seling!
They are both such talented people. I am of course talking about the songs «Playing with Fire» and «Miracle». Great songs!

LM: Let’s talk now about your participation at Melodi Grand Prix. How did you decide to sign a song for this competition?
AG: I love MGP and ESC. It is an honor to be a part of this lovely show. All the dedications from the ESC fans worldwide are something you would not get the chance to experience on any other platform. The decision was „I want to do ESC, let´s make it happen”.

LM: What is the meaning of this song?
AG: I met Gabriel Alares and Ian Curnow in a songwriting camp, in the Netherlands and we hit off and wrote Icebreaker together. The song is about being there for someone who is struggling. We wrote the lyrics to Icebreaker with my best friend in mind, so there is a 14-year-old story behind the song. To me, Icebreaker is one of the most honest and most personal songs I´ve ever written, dedicated to my friend and our long lasting friendship. It was written at a time when a friend needed my support. 

LM: You had a fabulous moment at MGP, the staging, your voice, everything was ‘’on point’’. What did you feel when you saw that the scores were on your side?
AG: Thank you very much! I felt that my voice was not quite there. I had been sick for several days and my voice did suffer from that. So I did not quite believe what I saw when all the votes came on screen (I wouldn’t anyway, but you know when you feel that you can deliver a better show you get lower expectations). It was extremely emotional for me and still is. All the support and love is beyond any of my expectations, I am very thankful for all of this!

LM: You will represent Norway at the 61th edition of Eurovision Song Contest. Do you have in plan to change the show from MGP?
AG: We are planning some major and minor changes in the show. There is something you have to wait and see. I am really looking forward to it!

LM: What are your thoughts regarding the participation in Stockholm?
AG: Stockholm is going to be a once in a lifetime experience! My thoughts are that I have to enjoy the time, make memories and deliver a fantastic show amongst all these other great acts!

LM: Have you listen to some songs which had already been chosen from other countries? Which one do you like?
AG: I´ve done some listening and I tried to hear to all of the other entries. Sergey Lazarev has an impressive song, I´ve been listening to him before ESC, so it´s kinda crazy to be on the same show. There are a lot of other great songs and artist, but I still haven´t got the time to watch and listen carefully.

LM: In the end, do you have a message for our readers on ‘’ESC on POINT’’?
AG: Hi, all ESC on POINT fans! My name is Agnete, and I am most grateful to be a part of the crazy, wonderful and lovable world of yours! Hope you like the song and my show that I will be performing in Stockholm 12th of May. Thanks for reading, lots of love ❤


La acest articol a contribuit Laur Mihai, redactor ESC on POINT.


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