This is it, peeps! It is our time to shine. Today we are talking to Melanie Rene, one of the biggest injustices in the history of Eurovision. It was truly a crime that she didn’t reach the final (period) but „the past is the past”.

When did your passion for Eurovision started?

I watched eurovision with my mum since I was 5 years old. We used to only follow the grand final that was broadcast on TV. I remember we used to bet who would make it to the top 3 with my mum, and somehow she was quite often right 🙂

What’s the story behind „Time to Shine”?

Originally, this was not meant to be for the Eurovision Contest. 

I wrote „Time to Shine” when I was still studying in the UK. I used to feel very shy and introverted; I tried very hard to fit in and be liked, even if it meant being something/someone I wasn’t. When I moved to England to study, I learnt to accept and embrace who I truly was, and it is this feeling of empowerment and freedom that I wanted to portray in this song. „Time to Shine” is about realizing it’s okay to be true to who you are and to not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

How did you choose this song? What makes this song perfect for you?

When I came back to Switzerland during the summer 2014, I had my manager listen to the songs I had written for my EP, and she fell in love with „Time to Shine”. She told me she thought it was perfect for the Eurovision contest, and she encouraged me to submit it to the pre-selections.

I had my doubts at first, thinking it would be crazy to have something I wrote and composed be selected to represent a whole country. She had the faith that I lacked in me and my song, and I am glad I trusted her judgment in the end.

What makes this song special for me is that it is a moment of my life, a part of my journey that I got to share with so many people!

I know there are a lot of people who feels like they can’t achieve their dreams, like they can’t really be themselves in fear of judgment and disappointment. The message of my song is believe in yourself, and go for it.

And for me, to have been able to give some people a feeling of empowerment is simply amazing!

Can you describe the whole experience at Eurovision? 

The whole experience, from beginning to the end, was incredible: my team and I were treated like kings and queens, I got to travel and perform on stages in foreign countries, I got to meet so many amazing people (from fans, journalists, artists, to event organisers, radio pluggers..).

I got so many great opportunities, like being played on so many radios around the world, or to shoot music videos, or even be on tv shows!

The whole Eurovision experience was a huge step forward in my career, and I feel so grateful!

One of the best memories I’ll keep of this will be the moment I performed on the Eurovision stage! It truly was a childhood dream coming true! The stage itself was pretty impressive, but the audience was on fire! They were cheering and singing with me, waving their Swiss flags… It was a huge motivational power that made us outdo ourselves on stage.

I felt (and still feel) truly blessed and overwhelmed to have had so many fans supporting me from the very beginning to the end.

To be a debuting artist in this industry and to have the opportunity to perform in front of 14’000 people (or so) and millions of TV viewers at such an early stage in my career is a pure blessing!

No matter what the result was in the end, I feel like I have won everything, both on a musical, professional and personal level.

Will you ever come back on the Eurovision stage? 

Right now I want to focus on my current projects, which are concerts and the preparation of an EP/album release. I want to gig as much as possible, as performing and sharing my passion for music with people is what I love and live for.

But who knows? maybe I will be back on the Eurovision stage again..

What’s your favorite song sent by Romania? And why?

I really liked „the Balkan Girls” by Elena, but my favorite would be „Let me try” by Luminiţa Anghel & Sistem. I thought the song was super catchy, and she has such an incredible voice. The whole concept was pretty cool too 🙂

What do you think about the new voting system?

I think it is great that they want to change things a bit, and it will definitely create more suspense (and drama?)! It will be quite interesting to see how the votes from the jury differs from the televoting.. However I can only imagine how more stressful it will be for the artists awaiting the results, especially since (I am guessing) it would take longer to announce the winner than previous years..I am quite interested to see how this all turns out in Stockholm 🙂

What is the biggest challenge that can happen to an artist on the Eurovision stage?

As the artist comes prepared and very rehearsed for the big night on the Eurovision stage, it is important to convey real feeling and emotions, and not be like an automaton. Three minutes go by really fast, and I personally found it challenging to just enjoy the moment, and not think about anything else.

Do you think that Romania will ever win this contest? 

There have been great voices and songs throughout the years in the contest, so this is all I wish Romania! 🙂

Do you think that if you want to win this contest you have to make your song by a recipe or it’s a whole pack behind it? 

I don’t think there is a special „recipe” for a winning song. It all depends on the current music trends, and what people love at that particular moment. However it is not only about the song, it’s the whole concept that will determine if a song can win or not.

I think that maybe if the whole concept is different and original, but the music fits the current trend, then the entry will have a better chance.

Do you plan to visit Romania in the near future?

I will be in Braila for the George Gregoriu Festival from the 21st to the 23rd of May, as I have been invited by the organizers as a guest singer.

I have been in Romania three times already, once for the „Cerf d’Or” Festival 40th anniversary, and twice for the George Gregoriu Festival, and each time has been a great experience. I am very happy and excited to have the opportunity to come back! I will now have to practice speaking in Romanian 😛

A message for all your fans?

I want to say a massive thank you for all your love and support, even after the Eurovision! I feel extremely blessed to be able to share this whole experience with all of you! You guys rock ❤

La acest articol a contribuit Ingrid Marc, redactor ESC on POINT.


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