Muntean Marco: What can you tell us about you and how your career started?

I started singing with my brother and sister when I was very young. Our mother taught us how to sing. When I was 16, I got a job when at a restaurant called Swiss Chalet. When I got my first paycheque, I bought a guitar and started to write songs. My mom was really supportive and would always drive me to different open mics so I could perform. After I finished high school I went to music school for about 3 years. I’ve changed my music style a few times, and even my artist name from my real name, Christina Maria, to Rykka.I’m very ambitious and I see change as an important part of life.

MM: „The Last of Our Kind” was planned for Eurovision?

Yes it was written especially for Eurovision. I wrote it with my really great friends Mike James, Jeff Dawson and Warne Livesey. The basis of the song took about a day to write, then we fixed things up for a few days afterwards. We wrote it in Vancouver and Toronto and it was produced by Warne in Toronto.

MM: What is the story behind the song? Are you working on a final version, a revamp maybe?

The message of The Last Of Our Kind is to always stand up for love above all. Stand up for yourself and for people and other beings who can’t stand up for themselves. Standing up for love also sometimes means to go against your own ego and really search to find the truth. The song will stay the same for the final in May.

MM: We know you are a creative person, do you have any ideas about the show, how will it look in Stockholm? Or maybe what you will wear?

Yes! The show in Stockholm is going to be different than the one in Kreuzlingen for the national preselection. Of course there will be surprises! I’m working on a dress with LYN Lingerie, it will be a collaboration. LYN x RYKKA!

MM: What should we expect from Rykka in the future?

My plans for the future are to release my new album „Beatitudes“ this year!!

MM: Do you usually follow Eurovision?

Because I grew up in Canada I’ve only been following the ESC for a few years now. I find it so amazing that so many people grew up with it and have such a special connection to the ESC.

MM: How do you spend your free time?

I love to make my own stage outfits, I just got a new sewing machine I’m so excited about.

MM: Finally, do you have a message for our readers?

I want to thank everyone for their amazing support! It’s such a dream to share this crazy experience with all of you. Sending love out to everyone!


La acest articol a contribuit Marco Muntean, redactor ESC on POINT.



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