We continue our ON POINT Jury and this time we go international. We are currently judging Iveta’s song – „LoveWave”. First of all, we have to explain the judging system: we give points in the Eurovision style (1-12, no 9 and 11) and we add them until we get a certain number (for example 71/96). Why 96? Because we are eight people in the team (so 12 multiplied by 8 equals 96).

Laur Mihai „LoveWave” has such a modern sound. In the beginning, the instrumental is fascinating me and when she start to sing I could feel some mixed emotions. I love the Armenian influences, personally it could have been better if the chorus wasn’t so powerful „uuuuuuooo”…I find this quite annoying. Hope she will have an amazing live performance. Iveta may bring Armenia back in top 10, even if in my standings she is around 15 place. Good luck, Iveta! 8/12

Matei Pieca LoveWave is sooo modern. I like the fact that it has some Armenian influences. I find her „oooo” extremely annoying, or it may be just my opinion. Definitely, Armenia will be in the final and I can see her achieving a top 15.
I have listened to this song another 30 times. It seems even better than before and that „ooo” doesn’t bother me anymore like it used to. I give her 10/12 and definitely Armenia may end-up in Top 10.

Alex Iovan Iveta’s song is amazing. I like it and I hope that it will qualify because she deserves that. She brings a new `air` to Eurovision with the song`s instrumental. Her voice fits perfectly on that and the lyrics are as good as possible. 10/12

Cătălina Gheorghe Yaay, I’m so happy that we’re starting the reviews…with one of my favourites, actually. This is so my kind of song and I have to admit that, at first, I didn’t feel it the way I do now (maybe because I had different expectations? don’t know). One thing is for sure: it grew on me and now I love it. The instrumental is superb, so mysterious, but fierce and I’m really excited to hear the live version. If Iveta can deliver the song’s power and inject that dark vibe into us, LoveWave is surely a top 5 contender. 12/12

Andrei Faur At the beginning I didn’t liked the song, but after a few listenings it started to grow on me. Iveta is definitely a strong performer and I cannot wait to hear her live. I really love those folk influences, combined with modern music. That makes from Iveta a top 5 contender or even more, depends of the show! I don’t know if she could win, but I think she will be Miss Eurovision for sure! 10/12 points from me

Ingrid Marc All the song, after the SFX from the beginning, is a mess. I mean, the first part of the song brings a dynamic character to the song and it makes you think that something EDM is going to show up, or some dubstep, but once you get to that part, your hopes disappear. I don’t believe in this song, I am sorry for her fans. It is an involution from the beginning till the end. 7/12

Muntean Marco 7/12

Călin Giurgiu 7/12

RESULT: 71/96


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