Lighthouse X is a Danish pop group with a mission. Their entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Soldiers of Love, is their battle hymn as they fight to make the world a slightly better place through the power of music. Lighthouse X won the Danish contest with a staggering 42% of the votes in the final, and the three members – Søren, Johannes and Martin – are hopeful that their message will resonate all across Europe.

LM: How did you feel after winning Dansk Melodi Grand Prix?

We were hectic and amazing. We’ve all been very tired, but we’re also very, very happy. All the positive energy from a victory like this really helps to keep you going.


LM: Can each one of you present yourself?

We are Søren Bregendal, Johannes Nymark and Martin Skriver – three actors, singers and songwriters with a shared passion for powerful pop music. Søren is a natural-born pop star, who toured the world with his former band, C21. Since then he has released an album as a solo artist and worked as a critically acclaimed actor and stage performer. Johannes works as an actor on film, TV and stage. He has performed in some of the biggest musicals in Denmark and played leading roles in productions like Les Misérables and Singin’ In The Rain as well as the title role in Disney’s Aladdin. Martin graduated from the Danish Musical Academy in 2013 and has established himself as one of the genre’s rising stars through roles in The Little Mermaid and Evita.

LM: How did ”Litehouse X” came up?

We were already good friends when we decided to join forces and start a pop group together. This was back in 2012. We had realized that we didn’t only share a love for pop music but also the urge to make music that carries a strong, positive message. And that’s how Lighthouse X was born – out of our desire to create pop music with the power to help others, especially young people, and to make the world a slightly better place.

LM: What inspires you?

Like all artists, we find great inspiration in our own lives and experiences. And since we’ve all been through a lot in life, there is a lot of material to draw from. But we also find great inspiration in the causes we support, our fans and all the people we meet through our work. Every heartfelt attempt at making the world a better place is inspirational to us. Sure, there is a lot of negative energy in the world. But there is definitely also a massive amount of positive energy out there, and every time we encounter it, we try to harvest it and use it – as songwriters, as performers and as human beings.

Tell us a little bit about the various causes you are individually dedicated to?

Søren supports grieving children and young adults that have either deadly ill or recently deceased siblings and parents. Johannes supports children born with heart diseases, and Martin supports marginalized and overweight children. We have all had experiences that make it natural for us to support these specific causes. As a child, Søren suffered from quite severe OCD and anxiety. Johannes’ mother has a heart disease, which greatly affects him and his family. And Martin used to be overweight and was a victim of bullying in school. So we feel strongly about all these causes, and we are happy that we are able to bring extra attention to them through our music and performances.

LM: What are the three most fascinating aspects about your song?

 1. It was written the day after the terrorist attack in Paris in November 2015. The song isn’t explicitly about the attack, but the feeling of sorrow and despair we shared with our fellow European citizens stressed the need to write a song about unity and humanity – and how we have to fight hatred with love. It’s the only way forward.

2. We almost didn’t make the deadline, because we wanted to make the song and its production as perfect as possible. The final master was sent off the same day that the album featuring all the Danish entries was going to print. It was a close race, and we’re quite happy we made it!

3. With this song, we wanted to sum up what we’ve been doing for the last four years. It defines what the Lighthouse X philosophy is all about. We really need more soldiers of love. In fact, that’s all we need!

LM: Why did you decide to submit a song for the Melodi Grand Prix?

To us, both the Danish Melodi Grand Prix and the Eurovision Song Contest represent platforms of people coming together across all ages, genders, ethnicities and religious backgrounds. And this – along with this year’s theme of Come Together – corresponds perfectly with our core message. So when we felt that we had a song that was both fitting and good enough to enter into the competition, it was the obvious thing to do. The Danish Melodi Grand Prix was perfect for us, as it allowed us to make more people aware of the causes we support.

LM: What is the story behind Soldiers of Love?

It is the quintessential Lighthouse X song. No other song captures our message of love and hope and our vision of a better world as strongly as this one. So it’s a very important song to us, and when we perform it live, it feels truly empowering. We want to inspire everyone to be soldiers of love, and this is our battle hymn.

LM: No boy band has ever won the Eurovision Song Contest. What makes you think that you could be the first one?

Actually, we don’t refer to ourselves as a boy band. It’s of course completely okay and understandable that other people do, given the constellation of the three of us, and our style of music. But to be honest, we feel too old to be considered a boy band! Plus, with the work we do and the whole reason why we started this group, we feel that there’s a lot of things that sets us apart from the typical boy band.

LM: What will make you shine in Stockholm?

With any luck, we’ll be the only all-male three-piece pop group there! But other than that, it’s not too common for Eurovision songs to have an explicit message in the way that our song does. So we’d like to think that our song and its message are both so strong, that we will manage to stand out.

LM: Do you have some ideas about the staging?

We will definitely have a little surprise that wasn’t part of our performance, when we played in the national contest. But everyone will have to wait and see what it is! Other than that, we feel that it’s our duty to simply have as much fun as possible, when we’re up on that stage. It’s our second home, and we are ecstatic to be sharing this experience with Eurovision fans all across the continent.

LM: Is there any Eurovision moment that blown you away ?

We all agree that the biggest moment was when the Olsen Brothers won in 2000. That was truly a huge and historical moment in Danish music history. Fly on the Wings of Love is an amazing pop tune, and it was just such a great night altogether.

LM: Did you have a song from DMGP that caught your ears?

Anja Nissen and her song Never Alone really caught all of our attentions. It’s a really good song performed by an absolutely amazing singer. Bracelet and their song Breakaway also stood out as a favorite.

LM: Are you going to promote your song abroad?

We hope that people will show an interest in us internationally, allowing us to let our song and our message reach far. So, yes! The Lighthouse X philosophy is universal – Denmark is not the only place that could need some more soldiers of love. The entire world is calling for an army like that. So if we can help inspire some of our brothers and sisters in Europe to think more with their hearts, we will do everything we can to contribute to that.

LM: What would you like to say to your Romanian fans?

The amazing thing about the Eurovision is how people from all across the continent come together for this massive event. So we would like to thank all of you in Romania, who are already supporting us, our song and our attempt at making the world a slightly better place. It means a lot to us.

Thank you!

La acest articol a contribuit Laur Mihai, redactor ESC on POINT.

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