ManuElla is representing Slovenia this year, and she accepted to say some words for her fans, about her career and her song `Blue and Red`. 

Alex Iovan: First of all, how do you see this Eurovision experience?

The whole experience is absolutely amazing, I am very excited about performing and representing Slovenia on such a big event and can hardly wait to sing for you all! 

AI: Your song is absolutely amazing, may you tell us how it was made, its story?

Thank you very much, it means a lot!
It was always my dream to sing on the big Eurovision stage. Last year I started writing songs for my first album and when my team and I finished the song `Blue and Red`, I knew right away that this is the song I want the whole Europe to hear. 

AI: Did you think yet, or have any idea about your show from Stockholm?

My team and I are now working really hard to create something great for Stockholm, we are collecting ideas and slowly putting the whole story together. I’m very excited for all of you to see it! 

AI: How do you see this feeling: representing your country in such a great contest?

I am absolutely happy, excited and honored to represent Slovenia on the Eurovision

AI: If you heard any song from Romania`s National Final, can you tell us which one is your favourite?

I do remember Paula Seling & Ovi’s song from 2010, sorry I haven’t had a chance to listen to this year entries yet but I am looking forward to hear what song you will choose to represent Romania this year.

AI:  What artist from the Eurovision do you like the most and why do you like him/her?

There are so many good artist every year, so it is almost impossible to choose just one. If I choose only few of many I would say The Common Linnets, Loreen, Anouk...

AI: What do you think about last year`s winner?

I think Måns Zelmerlöw had a great energy and stage performance, he has great vocals, so it was no surprise he won last year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

AI: Do you have any message for fans from Romania?

My dear Romanian fans! I’ll say to you, what I say to everyone, because I think is very important – Please, live your life, follow your dreams and never, ever give up! 

We wish you, ManuElla, the best of luck in Eurovision Song Contest. You`re really an amazing person 🙂

La acest articol a contribuit Alex Iovan, redactor ESC on POINT.

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