After being in the final of Melodifestivalen 2014, performing ‘’Yes we can’’, Oscar Zia has returned this year with an anthem for humanity called ‘’Human’’. He is very confident, the bookies marked him as the third favourite for winning Melodifestivalen 2016 and representing Sweden at the 61th edition of Eurovision Song Contest. Beneath, you are invited to read an interview with a very serious contender. Enjoy!

Laur-Mihai: Hello Oscar, how are you doing?

Oscar Zia: I’m doing great thank you.

LM: Tell us how you began singing.

OZ: It was my teacher in first grade that heard me sing on a singing lesson. Then she said that she thought that I should sing in front of the whole school. After that performance, I knew that this is what I’m going to do my whole life.

LM: Could you reveal 3 things that your fans are not knowing about you and also if you may describe yourself?

OZ: I hate angry people. I don’t know how to ski and I hate all kinds of cheese and sandwiches. I am a fun, determined and happy man.

LM: Do you have any music idol?

OZ: I don’t… I think that is a hard question. I love Coldplay and John Legend tho!

LM: What motivates you in making music?

OZ: Feelings, experiences and my love for music.

LM: Could you explain to us the process of choosing a song?

OZ: In my opinion, choosing song isn’t a hard thing to do. The most important thing is that you love the song and that you can live with the song the whole life.

LM: How do you see the perfect song for Eurovision?

OZ: I think my song ”Human” is the perfect song for Eurovision haha…

LM: You have a solid background, participating at X Factor in 2012, being in the backing vocals at Melodifestivalen 2013 and competing in 2014 with the song ‘’Yes we can’’. What have you learned from these experiences?

OZ: I have learnt a lot. But mainly that you have to go your own way and work hard.

LM: You come back this year at Melodifestivalen with the song ‘’Human’’. How the song came up?

OZ: The song came up at home when I sat in front of the piano. I started to play and sing. I know, it sounds cheesy but it is actually the way it came up haha. Then I went to Victor Thell and Maria Smith and played the song, and the liked it!

LM: I have to say that this song is so powerful, I see it as a universal anthem for human beings. What do you want to deliver to the listeners through this song?

OZ: I want to deliver hope and strength. I hope people can relate to the song and find some kind of strength in it.

LM: You are in the final, who do you see as your main rival?

OZ: All songs are amazing. But if I don’t win I would like Ace Wilder to win!

LM: Can Sweden win Eurovision for the second time in a row?

OZ: With the right song, Sweden always has a chance of winning ESC 🙂

LM: What is your favourite song from the history of Eurovision?

OZ: Hold on Be strong, 2008 Norway

LM: In the end, do you have a message for our readers and also for your fans?

OZ: Keep on being yourself and follow your dreams. I hope you like Human and that you will continue to listening to it. Thank you for all support!

Thank you very much and good luck!

Here you can listen the song ”Human”:


La acest articol a contribuit Laur Mihai, redactor ESC on POINT. cutmypic (2)


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