This evening we are talking about a huge legend of Eurovision. And I mean… like really huge. It is Linnea Deb, people. She is one of the songwriters of many Eurovision hits, even Måns’ „Heroes” or Ace Wilder’s „Budy Doing Nothing”. This, people, is what I’m talking about! You can read the interview below.

When did your passion for Eurovision start?

When I was 6 & Carol song Främling. She was my first idol and I had a poster of her on my door The one with her in jeans with clouds behind her

How is it like to have such a success among Eurovision composers?

Thank you! I feel honoured by that question! Feels fantastic to have been part of Heroes last year. Måns was so professional! All we had to do was enjoy the ride

Do you believe that there is a pattern to follow in order to score-in at Eurovision?

In that case- yes AND no. Of course you want to be as effective as possible, have an easy „sing along”- chorus and hook. And at the same time – you never know what the listeners/viewers are going to like.

You have so many collaborations with many different artists. Do you feel especially attached to one of your projects?

No I don’t. It’s like asking a parent which of his/her kids he/she loves more. My songs are all my babies. But I can say this- Ace Wilders Busy Doing Nothing feels special to me. Nobody knew who she was and suddenly over night she became Swedens new star. I still love that song and I love her very much too. She is just like me- chill.

Who or what inspired you to write „Heroes”?

Good food, a nice wine and good company! Me, Joy and Anton went to our cabin and wrote it. We had a guitar and started playing/writing and the whole song was done in an hour maybe. The lyrics for the chorus was written there but I finished it when I was back in town.

How did the last year success change your life?

Nothing to be honest. We still work hard If not even harder.

What is your favourite Eurovision entry from Romania? Why?

The guy that sang opera/pop! I love surprises plus I think that song was great

By any chance, could we see you in the near future with a song in Selecția Națională?

Of course! If I get the chance.

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La acest articol a contribuit Matei Pieca, redactor ESC on POINT. 

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