We are moving on to Cyprus. We talked to Minus One, the rock band that will represent Cyprus @ Eurovision in 2016. They are in the middle of preparations and they have one quest: go for gold! Their song (which you can listen to at the end of the article) seems to have been especially composed to achieve a good place in Stockholm.

Ingrid Marc: After one year absence, Cyprus came back into the contest in 2015, with John Karagiannis. What do you think about their song?

It was a great comeback! We really liked John Karagiannis entry and definitely Mike Connaris style of writing. They did a great job throughout the whole competition in general!

IM: What can you tell us about your song?

Well by now you’ve already heard it but we would say it’s an upbeat, energetic catchy rock song. We have received very positive vibes and it seems like people are really into the song, so that’s great for us!

IM: Do you prepare something new, talking about the show, for Stockholm?

There is so much to be done. We are always preparing something new, We try to keep things exciting. As for the actual show we’ll have to wait a little bit more and see.

IM: Do you have a clear concept for staging?

We’re getting there. As I said above it’s a little too early to know exactly, but we do have a idea we’re working on at the moment and we’re really excited about it!

IM: What do you think about the new voting system?

Well…hmmm Honestly we wouldn’t know. Can’t really remember how it was in order to have an opinion about how it is now. We were always more focused on the music rather than the voting.

IM: What is your favourite moment in the history of Eurovision? Why?

Probably when Dana International won. That was kind of a moment of change and showed that people were open to anything. It was nice to see that.

IM: What is your favourite song sent by Romania? Why?

Well there are five of us in the band so you would probably get five different answers, but I’ve always loved (Chris J here) Nicola from 2003 with „Don’t break my heart”. It is probably one of my all time favourites of the whole competition and one of the few songs I still search on YouTube to listen to!!

IM: Have you listened to some of this year’s songs yet? Which one of those seems more „wow” to you?

So far we liked Georgia’s entry. It’s a nice song, simple as that.

IM: What is the story behind this song?

At the time the lyrics were being written our singer Francois was travelling back and forth to France almost every week. You can tell when you listen to the song how this became the main inspiration.

IM: A message for your fans.

Romania is one of the countries that we would really love to come for some shows. So hopefully we’ll see you soon and meet everyone up close !!

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