Ann Sophie is one of the last year`s contestants, representing Germany with the song called `Black Smoke`. She accepted very excited to tell us about her last year experience and also she told us a few things about the songs from this year. So, without any other introduction, let`s see what she has to say.

Alex Iovan: How would you describe the Eurovision experience? 

A fast paced dream. I can never forget the sight of that crowd and it still feels unreal that it even happened! I have such a close relationship with fans now and they let me know everyday that this is the real Ann Sophie. I love it and I aim to give that moment to others now, it’s such a wonderful thing.

AI: Most of us know Ann Sophie as a lovely person, but we don`t know what likes Ann Sophie to do while she`s not singing. Could you tell us? 

I am ALWAYS. MOVING. My parents put me in dance at an early age. I still love the theater and watching musicals. I recently had a particular fascination with the television show Glee for a long while. I love food, coffee, and wine. Other than that I do a lot of stalking and creeping on my fans and friends on social media. I’d just randomly reach out to someone like „hi I like that sweater.” To be fair, the sweater was fantastic!

AI: How could you define music?

Music is a way for one to talk. You use it as a language and everyone has their own message to share. I talk a lot about my life, I talk a lot about my feelings, and experiences. Lots of sass, lots of fun but, there are many lessons learned too.

AI: Do you think about a returning at Eurovision?

I would live on that stage in that moment with the crowds. Now, I have to reach people abroad and get a chance to meet all of them. It’s exhausting work but, you know what? I just might end up at Eurovision sooner than you think!

AI: If you heard the songs from Romania`s National Final, which one would be your favourite?

Paradisio speaks to me similarly to the way „Heroes of our Time„ did to me last year. I know the performance Mihai can give and the song feels like the life of the party to me, a good pairing for sure! I expect the performance will be a spectacle.

AI: If there`s an aspect that you didn`t like at this contest, which one will be that?

You know there is a lot of talk about Ukraine selecting a song that sort of „calls out” Russia and Putin, it’s very political and I have to agree that it does damage the spirit of Eurovision a bit. I’d like to think of the stage as a safe zone away from politics because that’s what people look to entertainment for. Then again, passion  sometimes trumps discomfort, if audiences want to open that discussion through art then it’s necessary for us all to accept that.

AI: We know that you sang with Ramona Nerra. How was that feeling? Are you two good friends?

Ramona is incredibly talented, I made so many friends since Eurovision and she is certainly one that I would collaborate with again. There is so much to sing about when I’m with artists like her. We all just feed off of each other’s energy and intuition. It’s magic really.

AI: Do you have any favorite song from this edition so far?

There are aspects of countless songs all on a my playlist, the minute I hear a song I think „THIS IS THE ONE.” and then I hear the next and say „Wait, this one is so great as well!” it’s never ending. it would be amazing if all the artists came together in one crazy big song. That would be so amazing.

AI: Did you ever think about representing a foreign country at ESC? If yes, what country?

I actually dreamt I represented Australia! It was hilarious and I think I forgot my lyrics. Oh noooo.

AI: Do you think that if you want to win this contest you have to make your song by a recipe or it`s a whole pack behind it?

The recipe is being honest and pouring your heart out on that stage. It may be cliche but it is truth. The camera sees through everything.

AI: What do you think about the German selection? Do you have any favorite song?

I`ve been in their shoes so, it’s easy to be so proud of them all. I feel like a proud mommy and besides that I notice that all the songs speak to me, each in a different style. We all have to make our vote when the time comes but I applaud every act selected, and have such big respect for the efforts that has led us all here.
AI: Describe your fans in 5 words.

Thoughtful, faithful, remarkable, silly, and some of the most entertaining individuals I ever met. 

When I get to know my fans I always find something that makes me smile and am amazed by their outlook on things. Conversations with them are some of the best parts of this entire experience for me honestly. It’s not every day that you have an opportunity to meet so many incredible people, it still truly amazes me.


We wish you the best of luck in your career, Ann, and also, we hope to see you again soon on the big stage of Eurovision!

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La acest articol a contribuit Alex Iovan, redactor ESC on POINT.


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