Today we are talking to Aminata, Latvia’s 2015 representative. She managed to bring her country back in the Final, after 6 years absence from it. Moreover, she did extremely well in the country, ending-up on the 6th place.

Ingrid Marc: When did your passion for Eurovision start?

My passion for Eurovision started in childhood. Probably in the year, when Latvian singer Marie N has won the contest. (Was it 2002? Correct me if I’m wrong). I remember that I watched Eurovision then and dreamed that one day I will perform on the Eurovision stage and represent Latvia.

IM: What’s the story behind „love injected”?

Love Injected is a very personal song for me. I wrote it about my relationships, which was difficult at one moment, but then we understand that we do love each other and that love actually is stronger that all the difficulties we had… but then I understood that this song actually mean even more to me. It is about Love that is above all (Love of my family members, love of what I do, and relationships).

IM: Can you describe the hole experience at Eurovision?

The whole experience at the Eurovision was amazing and unforgettable. I will always remember this event. That amazing great stage, supportive audience and level of professionalism of the Eurovision team.

IM: Will you ever come back on the Eurovision stage?

That’s a question for me as well, I have no answer yet. Maybe, if I will feel that I am ready for that, then I will come back. Because, if I want to come back I need to make my performance better then it was before, what could be difficult. Because Love Injected was a pure inspiration. Emotions took me at the 6th place. And to get such emotions you need to have great inspiration, which takes time.

IM: We saw that „love injected” is produced by you. What inspires you, when you compose a song?

I am a composer. (My lyrics and music). And the producer is Kaspars Ansons. Usually I am inspired by what is happening in my life – relationships, good things, bad things, for example my new single “Fighter” is about “not giving up” and fighting for your dreams, even if something is hard to get. Because that’s how I feel right now.

IM: What’s your favorite song sent by Romania? And why?

My favourite song sent by Romania was in 2010. (Weŗe playing with fire) I liked this song, and I remember that in school we had a dance group and we performed with a choreography to this song. It was really cool.

IM: What do you think about the new voting system?

New system? :)) I don’t know. I think its good that contestants can be rated by music professionals and by listeners of the whole Europe. It helps to understand your position in music world – are you professional enough and do people like your music?

IM: Do you think that Romania will ever win this contest?

Of course! Why not? Of course it depends on a political situation as well, but still… I believe that Eurovision is a SONG contest, so if Romania writes the best song, then it should win.

IM: Do you think that if you want to win this contest you have to make your song by a recipe or it’s a whole package behind it?

I think that both are important. In my opinion a music “hit” is emotions and pure feelings + perfect and the most effective organisation of it.

IM: Are you planning to visit Romania in the near future?

I’ll start to plan now!

IM: A message for all your fans?

Never give up! Fight for your dreams! Do what you love!!!!

IM: What is the biggest challenge that can happen to an artist on the Eurovision stage?

Well… falling down probably would not be nice.

You can listen to her song, „Love Injected”, that achieved the best place for Latvia in ten years (2005’s „The War Is Not Over” ended-up on the 5th place)

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