Today we are talking to Zoe, the representative of Austria. After her win in the National Selection of Austria, she is hoping to bring a good place for her country. Will her dream come true?

Ingrid Marc: How would you describe your experience at the Austrian Selection?

It was an overwhelming experience! It was like a roller coaster ride: First, the jury voting that focused mainly on the visuals and the staging (Things that we wanted to change and improve anyway if it comes to the big event , and I felt very sad at this point. Then the public voting, and the decision that I was in the final with Elly! At the second performance of the finals, I already felt a little relieved and more free. And the the final public voting: I couldn’t believe it and felt so happy and grateful!!

IM: What is the story behind your song?

„Loin d’ici“ is about a journey to an imaginary inner paradise. We all are dreaming of a place where we can be happy, and this place looks very different for everybody. In my fantasy, it is colourful and bright and people are singing and dancing. We wrote this song to make people happy and to put a smile on the faces of the listeners. I hope, it works.

IM: What do you think about the new voting system?

I have to admit that I don’t know it in detail yet. I know that it won’t be possible now that a country receives 0 votes. This is great!

IM: Do you think that you have the chance to bring Austria a good result in Grand Final?

I hope so much! I want to make my country proud.

IM: Can you tell us a little bit about the show that your team is currently preparing for Stockholm?

We are working on reductions, compared to the show of the Austrian final. We want the visuals to be more arty, maybe water color paintings. Just a few really cool animations. It will stay colorful but maybe more pastel shades? We want to stay with the concept of walking through a landscape that changes.

IM: Have you heard a good song yet? (speaking about 2016’s participants)

I have to admit that I didn’t find any time since the Austrian decision yet, to listen to all songs. I need more time to get a real impression of all participants.

IM: How has your career started?

I started to work on my professional career right after my school leaving exam. I already worked with my father earlier (he is a songwriter and producer) and since I wanted it so much we decided to go for it a little more professionally. Soon we had written and recorded a first song, and right after that I was asked to participate in the Austrian finals 2015. So we went on writing songs and released my first album „debut“ in Oct 2015.

IM: Why do you sing this song in French?

All my songs and my whole album „debut“ is in French. It just happened. I started to write songs together with my father and we were fooling around. I sang in French, for fun, and we both thought that it would fit
My whole family is francophil and my grand parents live in France, I was in the Lycée Francais de Vienne, so French was always like my second mother language.

IM: What do you think about Romania in Eurovision? What’s your favourite song sent by us?

Romania already reached the 3rd place twice! That’s great! I liked a lot Paula Seling and Ovi „Playing with fire“!

IM: Did you think that you could stand a chance to represent your country after the jury was a bit skeptical about your song?

The jury did not say too much about the song. I had the impression it was all about the staging and visuals that we wanted to improve anyway if it comes to the big event I thought that I wouldn’t have any chance anymore…

IM: Will you change your show?

Yes, definitely. We started to work on it already. Some elements will stay but since we know more about the stage in Stockholm now, we will rethink a lot of our ideas. We want to make a little piece of art out of it.

IM: Do you feel a bit discouraged having Austria on the last place in 2015?

I think, the Makemakes had a great song and their singer is excellent. I did not understand the results in 2015, but I don’t feel personally discouraged because of this. I just want to give my best!

IM: Do you believe that the public is going to vote your song although it is in French?

I really don’t know, but I think that music is the universal language. French is historically an important language in the Eurovision. It’s the language that won 14 times already, so it is the second most successful language in the history of ESC.
I think, it is a beautiful signal, if European countries exchange their languages. It shows that we Europeans are like a big family.

What do you think about Zoe? Will she qualify for the Grand Final?

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