Barei will represent Spain in Eurovision this year with her song „Say yay”. We had the pleasure to talk with Barei about her and her participation in the contest.

Muntean Marco:First  of all, congratulations for winning Objetivo Eurovisión!

Thank you so much! I feel very grateful and excited about it.

MM: What can you tell us about you and how your career started? .

I began singing when I was three but I didn´t decide to be a singer and songwriter until fourteen. It was my mom who pushed me to do it. I have always had her support and she taught me to be responsable and develope my abilities.
Now I have more than 15 years on my back full of illusion, work, persistance and now everything begins to bear fruit.

MM: „Say yay” is your song for Eurovision,what is the story behind and why should we „say yay”? 

Say Yay was the third option. We had two more songs previously selected by RTVE but at one point we decided to write a new specific one to be at the height of this big opportunity. It had to be a song full of power, self improvement and motivating force to everyone everywhere.

MM: In which language will you sing?Are you still working on the song?

I´m still working on it with my producer Rubén Villanueva. It will be 100% in English of course as it was concieved first.

MM: Do you have any ideas about the show,how will it look in Stockholm?

We are still thinking about it. We have many ideas in mind but we need to organize them and choose the best way to transmit the message of the song. Less is more sometimes.

MM: I saw that you began touring the national finals,promoting the song. Ukraine was first, do you have any other countries in mind?

I would like to go all around Europe.

MM: What should we expect from Barei in the future?

Energy, motivating force and truth.

MM: Do you usually follow Eurovision, do you have a favourite entry?

Yes. Two of my favourite ones are „Euphoria” by Loreen and „Love Injected” by Aminata.

MM: How do you spend your free time?

Doing sports (running/dancing/diving), watching movies and spending time with my boyfriend, my dogs and my family.

MM: Finally,do you have a message for our readers?

Just try to be you and do not ever let anyone what you are able or not to do in your life. Your free will is all that you need to be the person you want to be.

MM: Thank you and good luck!

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La acest articol a contribuit Marco Muntean, redactor ESC on POINT.


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