Today we talked to Amber a.k.a The Utmost Unjustice in the Eurovision Song Contest. Why? Because a masterpiece like „Warrior” deserved a spot in the Grand Final. „Never look back/The past is the past” as Amber would say, now we are talking about her future plans.

Ingrid Marc: Why do you think „Warrior” failed to accede to the Grand Final?

There could be many reasons. However I was and still am happy with my performance.

IM: When did your passion for Eurovision start?

I have always been a eurovision fan since I was a very young girl. Where I used to watch eurovsion together with my family. Always supporting our country.

IM: What’s the story behind „Warrior”?

We are all faced with obstacles and problems which might hinder us in life. However we should be warriors and fight the problems until we conquer them.

IM: What about the conflict between the name of your song and Nina’s?

I don’t believe there was a conflict. I still believe that all the performers who were particpating were all warriors fighting for the number one place. I guess it was a coincidence that Nina named her song just like mine.

IM: Can you describe the whole experience at Eurovision?

It was an increible experience, which I will treasure forver. The Eurovision experience has helped me grow into a better artist an helped me appreciate even more what I have and the people around me who help me grow as an artist and keep on supporting me. I got to meet the other singers as well as the Eurovision fans and performing on such a massive stage in front of an incerdible audience and watched by millions.

IM: Will you ever come back on the Eurovision stage?

Never say never I guess. If I have the right song, yes, why not. But at the moment I am focusing on my album which I will be launching very soon.

IM: What’s your favorite song sent by Romania? And why?

It has to be Luminita’s „Let me try” and Mihai’s „Tornero”.

IM: What do you think about the new voting system?

I personally think it is more exciting this way and makes us more curious to see who the winner is.

IM: Do you think that Romania will ever win this contest?

Yes definitely. I believe that Romaina has plenty of talented artists with great potential.

IM: Do you think that if you want to win this contest you have to make-up your song by a recipe or it’s a whole package behind it?

Eurovision is something which is alive and, just like music, it changes all the time. There is no particular winning recipe. I believe in the whole package, where the performer belives in her/himself and in the song, as long as he’s confident enough on stage to deliver the song to the audience.

IM: What is the biggest challenge that can happen to an artist on the Eurovision stage?

There are very minor challenges over all. The eurovsion experience is an oustanding one and the only thing that the artist can do on stage is perform and give his/her utmost.

IM: What were the problems you came across in the semi-final?

I enjoyed the semi-final to the full and have no regrets.

IM: Do you plan to visit Romania in the near future?

I would really love to visit one day. I heard you have very good gogoși.

IM: What about your new song?

The song is an R&B song mixed with Amber’s Jazzy and bluesy voice, which makes a unique and interesting blend. Amber’s vocal uniqueness is highlighted in this song to offer the listener a very pleasant texture.

IM: A message for all your fans?

Thank you for always supporting me throughout my carrier. It means the world to me.

Below you can listen to her new single and you can even download it at HQ audio (


cutmypic (3)cutmypic (7)

La acest articol au contribuit Ingrid Marc si Matei Pieca, redactori ESC on POINT.



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