Annica Milan and Kimmo Blom are in the race for winning UMK2016 and also to represent Finland at the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Their song ’’Good Enough’’ is a superb duet, the meaning of the lyrics and the modern sound give you unique sensations which may assure you a positive and piercingly state. Annica/Kimo accepted my invitation to do an interview and this what resulted. Check it out!

Laur Mihai: Could you tell us what motivated you to give a try this year at UMK?

After we started our own band a year ago there was some talking about the idea of participating if we could find a proper song and then Michael James Down came along out of the blue and that really gave us the boost to apply.

LM: There is any inspirational figure in the music industry that you admire a lot?

We have many artists we look up to, for example Idina Menzel and Steve Perry. Maybe you could call us ”old school” when it comes to music.

LM: I know Kimmo participated last year at UMK under the name Angelo De Nile with the song called ‘’ All for Victory’’. What are your feelings now regarding that performance?

We had a blast with Angelo but sadly it didn’t raise interest enough to release more stuff but maybe in the future…The performance itself had it’s flaws but hey, that’s life! Everybody seemed to love our gladiators!

LM: Do you watch often Eurovision? If yes, tell us some of your favourites entries?

We absolutely watch it every year! One of the most memorable moments was Emmelie De Forest’s ”Only teardrops”.

LM: You are having a fabulous balade, full of mixed feelings, the choir is very powerful and when I listen it suddenly I become posivive, Tell us how the song came up?

Well, after hearing the demos Michael James sent us, we felt we wanted to do something in the vein of Pink’s ”Just give me a reason” meets Meatloaf. Michael and co. absolutely nailed everything with ”Good Enough” in terms of music and lyrics.

LM: Now, you are competing at UMK16 with the song ‘’Good Enough’’. What is the song about?

The song is about excepting yourself along with other people and the fact that there’s always a reason to wake up and try to live your life the best you possibly can.

LM: Last Saturday you’ve performed in the second semifinal, are you satisfied with the performance?

To be honest there are things that could be done better and that’s what we’re about to do! We always give the best we can on stage but you can always improve your act.

LM: ‘’Good Enough’’ is in the final, what are you hoping on 27th of February?

We’re absolutely aiming for the gold!!!

LM: I noticed that the selection in Finland is quite strong, what songs do you like? Which song do you believe has a great potential representing Finland in Stockholm beside ‘’Good Enough’’?

There really are some great songs indeed and everyone has a fair chance.

LM: Could both of you describe the song in three words?

Annica: Grand, dramatic, emotional.

Kimmo: True, deep, strong.

LM: Finaly, I want to wish you good luck and obviously, if you have a message for our readers?

Thank you so much! Wish us the best of luck and fingers crossed that we’ll make it to Stockholm!

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La acest articol a contribuit Laur Mihai, redactor ESC on POINT.



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