Laila Samuels is one of the 10 contestants from Melodi Grand Prix 2016 who will have the opportunity to win this significant festival and also to represent Norway at Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She has piece of art called ‘’Afterglow’’ which is very appreciated by a multitude of European fans. The song itself has the gift to send complex feelings to the listeners and there may be people who could relate to this masterpiece. You are invited to read a very interesting interview with one of the favourites from the Norway selection. Enjoy.

Laur Mihai: Could you tell us how your career started?

I started singing and writing music when I was 6-7 years. Soon as I could write. Played in different bands from 12-16. Then I joined The Tuesdays as their lead singer. We did an album, got signed in the US when I was just 20. Was a crazy time. Lots of touring in America and Europe. In 200 I decided not to do a follow up album and I started writing songs for other bands and artists. That’s been my job ever since.

LM: What do you like to do when you are not singing and If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?

I am totally laid-back, not the worrying kind. Playful, and I love playing frisbee golf..pool , and all kinds of games, so keep me away from the casino… 😉

LM: What inspires you to make music?

Life, Tv , movies, and other music.

LM: Do you have an artist that you appreciate a lot?

Prince, he is awesome!

LM: I bet you follow Eurovision Song Contest. Which song do you still have in mind?

‘’Hold me now’’…. Johnny Logan. Nocturne. Rolf løvland and Abba. Great songs.

LM: What are your thoughts regarding your performance in Norway?

I can’t wait.. it’s gonna be epic I hope.

LM: Let’s talk now about your participation at Melodi Grand Prix. How did you decide to create a song for this competition?

I was in the middle of recording my album when we wrote ”Afterglow”. It just instantly made me think of the Eurovision. I love the song so much …and thought it deserved an audience. And i felt it was time to perform again.

LM: I have listened to your song ‘’Afterglow ‘’and from my point of view, this is truly a masterpiece, the lyrics are deep, the sound is so modern and it gives me the impression of a mystical story. How did the song came up?

It’s very personal to me. Sometimes music just happens cause you need to get something off from your chest. And this is of how it happened.

LM: What is the story behind „Afterglow”?

I needed a change in my life. Something positive to happen. And I wrote this. And things actually changed for the better… it’s pretty cool.

LM: I supposed you listened to the other songs from Melodi Grand Prix final. Have you heard a good song?

There are a lot of different songs, I think the people in Norway can expect a very good show.

LM: Could you reveal to our readers some details concerning the staging?

It will be me… the song. and all my emotions. And something else that you will see when we get there ! emoticon wink

LM: Will you have backing vocals?

I am the only singer on the track… I did some backings…and in Norway everyone has them on tape. If you go to Stockholm, all the voce need to be live…so then I will need a choir.

LM: In the end, do you have a message for our readers?

Keep the amazing love flowing. I am loving this Eurovision world. And people are so full of love and support. That’s great. Don’t change !

Thank you for accepting this interview and good luck!

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La acest articol a contribuit Laur Mihai, redactor ESC on POINT.


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